30 degrees at Oreopolis, 11/22/2017

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Some fun numbers for Bill. A NB UP Train and some EB and WB BNSF trains. Form A's and Form B's abound on the Creston sub today. Probably pre holiday work. 4 or 5 westbounds piled up. I didn't wait for the whole parade.

BNSF 8777_112217_1024.jpg EB Crossing the UP at Oreopolis

BNSF 8485_112217_1024.jpg WB Crossing the UP at Oreopolis

BNSF 9394_112217_1024.jpg DPU's at East Oreopolis (Sand Crossing)

BNSF 9703_112217_1024.jpg 2nd Unit of the next WB, Sand Crossing
There was a NB UP train, Nebraska City OPPD coal empty, after the EB. 2nd DPU was the 6767. But I wasn't fast enough for a pic.

UP 5475_112217_1024.jpg UP 5475 going under Bucaneer Bay rd, taken from old Bucaneer Bay Road.

UP 5475_1_112217_1024.jpg Up 5475 about to cross the BNSF

UP 6926_112217_1024.jpg The Coal empty's DPU on the crossing.
Yesterday I went to the Desoto wildlife refuge near Missouri Valley. Too windy for most birds, but lots of trains. I had the 600mm on the camera, the train was coming, I jumped out of the car on a dirt road next to the river and just wasn't far enough away from the bridge to get the whole bridge in the shot. Cold and windy and time to go to work.

UP 3860 Boyer River_112817_1024&text.jpg UP 3860 on the Boyer River bridge just south of Missouri Valley Iowa.

UP West Mo Valley_112817_1024.jpg UP 3860 passing a stopped train west of Missouri Valley.
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It's 9 right now. Still about 20 degrees warmer than New Years Eve. Here is a picture of the local that delivers my company's cars. Usually they don't park here, they just set out and go.


Bill Anderson

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Any sunny days out your way? We are suffering through our annual winter gloom & doom up here in the Puget Sound region. I am becoming a real wimp and don't like taking photos in the rain.
Partially sunny. We are doing our happy dance because the temp is above freezing. Supposed to be 40+ today. Hasn't been much train action around here. Coal traffic is down and Council Bluffs was devoid of the usual stuff. When the temps stop being in the single digits in the morning I'll go out a little earlier.

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