Seattle Sub Track Schematic/Diagram

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Hello there fellow railfans and Foamers. I am wondering if anyone has or knows of a Track Schematic/Diagram of the Seattle Sub (mostly from Tacoma to Seattle)? Since the new 3rd main has been added from Auburn too Tukwila (except Kent) I have been wondering what the trackage is like now. I rode the Sounder the other day (5/8/17) from Auburn into Seattle and back, we mostly stayed on the "new" 3rd Main and it was really interesting. Been looking online to no avail on what the Track names are, the new CP's and such.

So if anyone has or knows where to find a Track Schematic/Diagram of what the Seattle Sub looks like know I would appreciate it. I mostly want this, so that I can build it into my 3d Sim.
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