Upgrading tripod... to ball head

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Upgraded from my Manfrotto/ Bogen 3001D I purchased in 2004.

The 3001D had a Bogen 056 head, which I enjoyed using.

Purchased this
Oben AC-2310L 3-Section Aluminum Lateral Tripod with BA-0 Ball Head Kit

Am curious how much my new tripod is better and easier to use than the older Bogen 3001D which has broken leg snaps.

The new tripod I ordered from B&H looks nice.
Am playing with it before a big trip and having a ball head that only needs one knob to adjust seems to be a big improvement over the Bogen 056.

Am getting used to the ball head, which seems easier to use with its quick-release head.
The older head required several procedures to position the camera and of course, you had to unscrew the camera from the head.


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I picked up a Manfrotto ball head similar to what you have. I really like how much easier and quicker it is to set up than the old three-way head I have. I've used a "quick grip" and a ball head with the knob. I don't see any advantage to the quick grip style. Knob is quick and easy.


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I've used a ballhead almost forever. I love 'em! The 3-way heads are nice, but for fast work I really prefer the ball heads. My original was the old (out of production) Bogen HD ball head, but it was a bit finiky and slow for macro work and was prone to 'ball head flop', where if it was too loose it could just 'flop' over. Newer ball heads have a tension adjustment that helps avoid this. I recently bought the Bogen 3265 ball head, the grip action avoids the flop issue altogether. I think a very important feature for any head is a quick release plate, I can't imagine not having that feature. My tripod is the 3001 too, still standing tall after about 20 years of use, including a few trips around the world...Heck it ws so long ago I got the tripod AND the HD head for $125 NEW at B&H....I rarely use the tripod for RR stuff, tho. Macro and landscapes will see it used a lot.


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NPC Prohead “.”

Amrus Shpigel Joint and heavy machined aluminum. The friction surfaces are aluminum/Teflon clutches. It holds the 4x5 or any SLR combination. One knob controls pitch and roll. Quick turn from full loose to rock solid with no ball head droop or stick ever. Everything else just seems like inferior ancient technology after you use one. Unfortunately they never caught on and are no longer available. Finding good used examples is becoming difficult. When the tech patent expires maybe someone else will make them. There was also a QR version but you can spin the screw on pretty quick and I have come to prefer it without the QR setup.

If you find one just buy it and enjoy. If you have one and don’t want it??? contact me! Even thought the one I have will probably last forever, I’m always nervous about not having a spare for a piece of equipment I can’t do without.


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