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Well on Friday Luke (nwkrailfan), a guy named Lance who's not an RRF member (santafe199 on TO), and myself headed down to Topeka to spend the evening railfanning, despite some conflicts in meeting the two the trip went relatively as planned.
First off immediately after arriving in the Topeka area we caught this one unit wonder coal empty.
UP 5773 westbound at Menoken Road by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
Then we meandered over to the Little Russia area, heading to Porubsky's curve but a westbound autorack that actually turned out to be the ZG4PX 04 appeared, lead by a trio of SD70Ms, we were going to see this train in two spots but some Topeka driver acted like a Topeka driver and got into a wreck, halting traffic on I 70.
UP 4491 heading for The Rock by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
Having the slight defect we managed to find an exit and get turned around, I brought up the BNSF Topeka Yard so we went over there and caught a caboose and some (very clean!) local power.
BN 12301 by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
Matched BNSF Geep Rebuilds by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
Also, on the Amtrak depot there was this sign from obvious roots.
ATSF Regional Freight Office Sign by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
Finally getting to Porubsky's curve we caught this coal train with power numbered 1000 numbers apart.
UP 7150 by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
UP 6150 ex SP by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
A train we caught a glimps of in our traffic jam incident comes around the curve with some eastern visitors.
UP 4566 by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
NS 9205 by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
NS 9400 by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
With it's new smellable paint, UP 7478 heads the IDULB 05 west, we would try to also chase this train but waited the whole time it stopped then we took action as it started to get going, then another chase to catch its really really new DPU, UP 7494 also failed.
Brand new UP 7478 by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
UP 7478 Close Up by stgeorgeksrailfan, on Flickr
That's all folks, now to get some shut eye before heading on down south tot he BNSF Transcon, which because of it's greatness I wont believe it's happening until morning.
All photos Copyright 2011 Lucas McIntyre.


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I met Lance while chasing the 844 from Topeka! We were talking in Onaga when we heard that the 844 had a bad bearing. We mistakenly went north, only to find out that it left and went south. We caught up to it in Topeka and chased it to Allen Road and then Lawrence. It was a fun chase that day!


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Nice set of photos. According to Sean Graham-White's latest update, UP received 29 new GEs in July...

"Union Pacific July 2011 Roster Changes by SGW

New C45ACCTE deliveries (29 units):
UP 7471-7499"

Conductor Rees

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That old caboose sits there all the time. Dont need it since there they let em use a double hooker set for the yard and pauline switcher.


Im really liking the GN colors on the BNSF equipment nowdays.


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Those BNSF Geeps look nice with that new H3 Paint!

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