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Look, Listen, Learn OLI
I been thinking, if I could ever open a restaurant, what would it be. One idea I have had is doing a railroad theme one. First of all, it location, location, location. I would want one close to a main line track, preferably one that had multiple tracks, or even a junction, and have lot of rail traffic, so trains would go by at least every 15-20 minutes, if not more. I would have large windows so the costumers could watch the trains go by.

On the menu, I would have would call the grill "Cooking On The Scoop", burgers and sandwiches would be named after steam engines. The biggest burger would be of course the 4-8-8-4 Bigboy (or Wasatch, if copyright issue was a problem), a junior burger could be perhaps a 4-4-0 American, a another one could be (a medium sized or the smallest large) would be a 4-8-4 Northern. Other sandwiches could be named or others.

Other things could be named after diesel locomotives, or streamliners, and include a "blue plate special". The desert menu would be called the "pie car" (circus train). Drinks -- the "tender".

For the decor -- well trains for one thing. Have the heralds of the railroads, and have perhaps "railroad family trees". There could be model trains running around, along with other railroad memorabilia.

So pitch in, name a sandwich, or a dinner plate or anything else. Too bad I would never have a chance to do it.

BTW -- I would give railroad men a discount, and a big one if they park the train out front (this really happens here in Kansas City -- sort of. We have a burger place called Paul's Drive Inn. The KCS runs right behind it and every now and then they stop the train, grab a couple of burgers either when leaving or coming into town).


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That is a Darn Good Idea! I have dreamed of somehting similar here in Omaha. I have the spot picked out, but with most of the traffic moving north in a few years, there would't be a lot of traffic. The tracks where I was thinking are much higher than the adjacent land so I what thinking a several story building. First floor would be an SD40-2 Museum. Several full size SD40-2 locomotives in sort of a grand hall. Second floor would be the Hobby Shop. Third floor would be a large operating HO scale model railroad. Then the restaurant would be on the roof with an inside diningroom that is stadium like so every table has a good view and then an outside deck for nice days and photography. I was thinking Brekfast and Lunch....

Abilene Ks Railfan

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Nice thought, but be sure to have a drive up window so the train can pull up and place their orders, and offer a 10% discount for solid EMD consists too

Midsouth fan

The switch stand: an appetizer sampler platter...you can switch from one appetizer to another.

A water tower: a pitcher of one's favorite drink (maybe even make the pitcher a working steam-era water tower).

sander: salt shaker

coal chute: pepper shaker

rails: french fries (I can hear it now..."You want rails with that?"). And it would fit great with the burger order...(I'd like a 4-8-4 w/a side of rails). :D

greased rails: cheese fries

Breakfast items:
GE: Greasy eggs (mmmm....tasty!) :p
EMD: Eggs Made Delicately (soft boiled or poached)
AlCO: All Coffee Order
IHB: Interesting Hash Browns
SP: Sausage/Pancake
BAP: Bacon and Pancake (ode to the Butte Anaconda & Pacific)

If it wasn't so late, I could prolly think of more. :(


A.K.A Kaivo
naw, the restroom is the trailing unit. offer a "trans"-continental breakfast (with no trans fats :p


What about calling the toilet the FRED.....After all, it is the end of train device....


Maybe not railroad related, but there's a sign from the department of health above the urinal at one of my favorite restaurants that reads:

"Please do not throw cigarette butts in urinal. It makes them soggy and hard to light."

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