O. Winston Link research paper

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Son of a Conrail fan
I have a research paper due on Thursday, and the photographer that I am choosing for this is O. Winson Link. Below is what I have to do for this 800-1000 word research paper:

Name of the photographer.
The period or era to which the photographer belongs.
Why did you choose this photographer for your research?

Information on:
When the image examples you've selected were made.
What are the titles of these images?
In what sizes are these images printed?
Does any of the above information change the reading of these images?
Do you see any similarities between this photographer's works and your own photographic works?

Choose one of the three examples you have selected and answer the following questions:
Try to interpret the image. What do you feel the photographer was trying to communicate or achieve with this image? Identify the main subject of this image. What is the mood of this artwork? Look for emotion, expression, or implied ideas. Do you feel that the idea or concept behind this image is clear? How do you feel about it—how do you react to it? Why did you choose this image over the other two images?
Make a decision about the work's success or failure. Give reasons to support your opinion.
Do you think this image is visually successful? Does it make good use of compositional and design choices? Why or why not?
If the selected image is a color image, does the color have an impact on the visual reading? If the selected image is not a color image, how does that have an impact on the visual reading?
Ask a friend to interpret this image for you; did your friend have a different interpretation than your own? If yes, why do you think the interpretation is different?
Does this image work well with the other three images that you chose? Why or why not? Are these images unified? If yes, how?
Which do you think was more important in this work—the process of creating it or the finished product itself? What makes you think so?
Do you think the work is an important work of art? Why or why not?
Which design elements and principles are used in these images?
Any other thoughts you would like to include about these images.

All this is for the research paper, however I want to include some personal experiences that anyone here in Railroadforums.com land has had with O. Winston Link into this research paper. You will get proper credit in the MLA format for your experiences, as I will include them into the report.

Any help you can give on this will be helpful to this report.


Son of a Conrail fan
I have had this assignment, however according to the professor I cannot work on any assignments unless the entire class is on the same page-ie week. Now this is week 3 for me. This is not due until thursday, and there is alot I can find online about O. Winston Link, but I want to throw in personal experiences any members have had with him. I think it will add depth to the report I am working on.

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