Loaded Grain Trains Returning to the Scenic Sub

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Going off running time on the ZPDG2/ZG2BR.. Average for the month of December, 56hours e/b, 57hours w/b... January 58hours e/b 56hours w/b.. I didn't say anything about loading and unloading times or did I mention anything about fuel, those are running times from point to point. And only from Portland. I know the ZPTLCH is running that fast.. That is the only lane that I compare since the other traffic the UP doesn't care to have..

I am just giving ya s**t. :p everyone else does so I felt inclined to as well... but with that said it should be interesting seeing the Grainers over the hill again. Also i have noticed that the Kalama mty grainers have been running north and then over the scenic, my guess is to help the the congestion of the fallbridge. The only bad thing about doing this is that its creating a large crew imbalance around the NW and they have been deadheading a lot of crews. But with the loaded grain trains on Scenic would we see more MTY Kalama grainers going back on the fallbridge?


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Greetings from Flagstaff

I can't speak for the Scenic sub, but the Seligman Sub had what must have been a loaded grainer, with 3 toasters on the point, 2 mid-train DPU, and 2 more on the rear! I assume it was loaded, with all that power on it, it was heading west.

Oh, BTW, BNSF runs 'em pretty fast here....and I think I saw a whole week's worth of trains on the Stampede/Yak subs in about 3 hrs!:D

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Uhhhg... just had to go there didn't you Drew. Ouch!


Man it got quiet in here all of a sudden.... ;) :D All kidding aside, I am happy to see loaded unit trains over any mountain grade, it makes the operations and fluidity of any railroad that much more challenging. I envy the brave train crews who have to endure these types of trains day in and day out on such challenging territories, no matter what color the units are/whos railroad it is. Keep her safe out there!


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The Yakima Valley and Stampede Subs get ties and rail this year. Tie gang TP-04 will work from SP&S Jct. to Auburn between April 8 and August 23 (specific dates subject to change). Yakima Valley gets 114,381 ties and Stampede gets 46,352.

Steel gangs RP-12 and RP-20 visit the Yakima Valley and Stampede Subs from September 9 to October 20 installing second-hand welded rail. Yakima Valley gets 7.4 track miles while Stampede gets 14.7.

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ballard beaver
where will the extra engines come from to add as DP in wenatchee? last time they ran grain loads, one of the hoggers said here that they were having trouble getting power to wenatchee on schedule to run the grainers over scenic.

someone reported in another thread that BNSF has been running lots of light power northbound up the Oregon Trunk...maybe these are destined for use on the grain loads?


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I'm not sure how BNSF delegates their power, but I'm sure it would be fascinating to see how they do that efficiently. From what I understood they had power dedicated to these trains between Wenatche and Seattle just like they have their add-on power for stack trains.

Maybe a RR'er can school us....

Ballard Beaver

ballard beaver
Last year the DP units were on before they reached Wenatchee.

You're only partly right there. The rear end DPs are on before wenatchee, yes, but they add 2 or 3 mid-train DPUs in wenatchee.

a loaded westbound grainer is near Quincy right now, should be into wenatchee in an hour or so. this might actually be the second one, but not sure about that. i think there might've been another several hours ago.

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Last year I would see three unit mid-train DPU sets returning east at the head of empty gain hopper trains. They were easy to spot when there was a foreign or leased unit in the set.

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Just an update - I saw a loaded westbound at Edmonds this morning around 10am. 3x3x2

It got to Tacoma around 2pm...knew it was it from the mid-trains. A NB grainer was waiting its turn at Harbor while the Stevens grainer was putting the train away.

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