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Read yesterday that 7 and 27 were way late, and today, #7 is just coming onto Wenatchee around 10:55am, and calling looking for "an old style MU hose" because BNSF has "those new fangled handy dandy stuff" that doesn't fit Amtrak equipment. So there are a series of calls around Wenatchee yard personnel seeing if they can scare up something that will fit Amtrak equipment. Then Wenatchee Yard issues instructions to an empty coal, a Chicago-Seattle train and one other, to get them queued up to leave. #7 then asks Wenatchee Yard what the scene is regarding getting the MU cable and dropping off the yard crew, and is told to stop there "so you don't have to lug that stuff very far," and someone on #7 relays that to the yard crew (apparently on board), who responds "Very good, v-e-r-y good." Another radio call tracing the desired MU cables, and the response is "Ya, I think we got one here."

Detector at MP1654.7 goes off at 11:05am, 324 axles, 21 degrees.

"People hanging out the window in the rear car," at 11:07am. "Did you check out that YouTube video?" "Ya, I got it written down." "Ya, there's about 4-5 there that are hilarious." "Ya, I'll check it out."

"Hey, you actually work there on a Saturday, there ____?"

Someone asks for a rollby, and then "Looking good there down the middle, ____." "Thank you, just getting to the end of you. OK looking good, have a good rest of the trip, over." #7 is apparently in and out of Wenatchee 11:10-11:18am.

Seattle East Dispatcher talks to #7, letting him know he'll run around 4769 at Winton, and then talks to the 4752 to let him know he'll have to wait awhile for Amtrak at Cashmere then he's got a bunch of MofW fellows who need to get out at Peshastin, so 4752 says they'll just sit there and wait for the light. Someone goes "aggghhhhhhhhh" for whatever reason (or lack thereof), and someone else says the Z train needs water.

"OK, you got us all confused there, we're on Main 2, and ready to go, signal indication, so we're out of here," at 11:31am. Wenatchee radio is fun to listen to this morning!

"Wenatchee yard to the Z, you'll be meeting the westbound Z, then come down to change out, over." "OK, that's better than what we heard before, over."

Another train chimes in, that they were going to come up behind the empty coal. Wenatchee yard responds, "Ya, that's about it, though I used different words before, so you've got the picture, over."
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