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How do you access the Internet?

  • Dial Up

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • DSL

    Votes: 10 20.8%
  • Cable

    Votes: 29 60.4%
  • Faster Connection (T1)

    Votes: 1 2.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 16.7%

  • Total voters


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It still suprises me when I hear about people using a dial up 56K modem. How do you access the internet? If you use a dial up 56K is it because of a remote location with no other options?


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Wild Blue satellite internet using 3 point contact......Kirbyville, TX--space satellite--Duluth, MN.

I'm about a mile too far to access DSL.


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I don't think I'd consider a T1 as a faster connection anymore. A T1 is only 1.5Mbit. I have TV, Phone & Internet all through the phone company, but it all runs over fiber and is all digital (so no, not DSL) and I have a 15Mbit internet connection. And I consistently get that speed when I do speed tests.


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My provider was recently rated as the fastest in the US. I'm moving soon to a location with only a modem or wireless DSL available. This should be a fun transition.


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Wireless broadband. It's not fast by todays standards but it's fast enough. I travel a lot and I can take it with me.


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For awhile I had "kept" my dial-up because the modem for the DSL we where using kept on going out (we got it through ATT). It was not until we got another (third party) modem that it became more reliable. After having "financial" problems I went ahead and dropped the dial-up, but I did keep it as a back up for some time.

Terry Hanley

Terry On The Scenic Sub
Wireless Wi-Fi

I use a wire less Wi-Fi on my laptop I can use it at most starbucks the Trainstation libarys and collage campuses. I would like to Thank Gonzaga University for there use of there Wi-fi Signal that i could pick up from across the street.


Texas Railfan
AT&T DSL Pro 3Mbps for now. I'm planning to switch to Cable, they offer Roadrunner Turbo 15Mbps for the same price I'm paying now for DSL Pro. Just about everyone went up on their internet prices at the first of the year. mine by $5/month.
I live out in the country so my choices were dial-up, satellite or wireless broadband though my cell provider. I went with the wireless because it's actually the cheapest option and mobile. If I need to upload a bunch of stuff or download a big file I go to the library in town.


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