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We continue with our retrospective on February 11 2012 along Mavli - Marwar metre gauge route on the way into the Aravalli Mountains.

India 2012 - 11: Metre Gauge through the Aravalli Mountains (50 p.)


By jeep and following hike we reached wonderful Ghoram Ghat temple valley featuring a single pair of trains every day, the northern plains of Marwar in the background.

After lunch break the same rake returned from Marwar working uphill.

During a short night I took Udaipur - Indore Express to Ratlam.

India 2012 - 12: M. H. O. W. - Metre Gauge to the Place without Name (50 p.)

At 4 a.m. on February 12 I had to change from broad- to metre gauge at Ratlam.

With a few students in the compartment I embarked on the direct route to Indore, here at the station with illustrious name Fatehabad Chandrawati Ganj Junction.

I continued past the car manufacturing metropolis Indore, to the south I met a northbound train at Rajendra Nagar on the busiest suburban section of the line, a brass band walked along the tracks.

My destination was Mhow, military headquarters, where I had to undergo my first secret service interview.

Many passers-by in the lively town.

On February 13 I rented a car and was driven to the Narmada river crossing south of the mountain section of the line.

India 2012 - 13: Metre Gauge across Narmada River (50 p.)

It was an amazing scenery featuring many temples near Omkareshwar town.

I was set down at Khandwa, junction of the metre gauge line with the Central Railway mainline.

After another secret service interview I waited in the evening for my express on to Manmad.

India 2012 - 14: Thums Up for Ankai Killa! (50 p.)

In the morning of February 14 railway friends Sachin and Anish awaited me at the hotel in Manmad and took me by car just a few kilometres south to the fantastic scenery of Ankai Killa.

We waited for sunrise and a couple of trains.

Passing Ankai Killa station, two lines starting in opposite directions from Manmad are leading parallel to each other again.

At Ankai station just a little further the guard offered us a nice show.

To experience both famous Western Ghat crossings by daylight I left Manmad at noon via Thal Ghats to Mumbai suburb Kalyan and on across Bhor Ghats to Pune.

India 2012 - 15: Pune - Deccan Queen (50 p.)

Bhor Ghats were explored by Pune railfans Apurva, Ashish, Lalam and me on February 15.

The classic I was looking forward to: "Deccan Queen" Pune - Mumbai - Pune - operating for 80 years - and Monkey Hill behind it.

After a great morning at the panoramic spot we paid Lonavla station a visit.

Due to the recent switch from DC to AC traction, unfamiliar engines were performing banker duties.

Subsequently Apurva's Tata Nano took us up to Monkey Hill.

India 2012 - 16: Pune - I have been to Monkey Hill! (50 p.)

The spectacular mountain scenery with catch sidings in the foreground to the right.

Three tracks were leading up the mountain from Mumbai, the third left of this view.

After a break test a passenger train continued downhill.

We concluded the highly successful day at the classic spot of Kamshet towards Pune.

India 2012 - 17: Angry Birds Pune (50 p.)

Bicurrent loco Kalyan WCAM-3 21959 pulling 11008 Pune - Mumbai CST "Deccan Express" was passing Kamshet.

Until shortly before sundown we waited for my train from the day before, 11019 "Konark Express".

Next day, February 16, only a short walk to see "Deccan Queen" at Pune followed, but I was attacked on the head by a bird of prey and returned to my hotel until Apurva and his wife picked me up for lunch.

On February 21 I undertook another excursion with IS Anand from Mumbai by car to Pune. At inner city station Shivaji Nagar we spotted something unusual, an "Inspection Special" of Central Railway management, sparkingly clean and featuring Pullman inspection coaches in the rake.

In the afternoon of February 16 I left Pune by "Goa Express" and woke up on February 17 in a completely different world.

India 2012 - 18: Goa - Diesel in Paradise I: Kickoff! (50 p.)

I had arrived at Vasco da Gama station and left it for a short ride back to Majorda near my beach resort where I relaxed for the rest of the day.

February 18 would be Goa excursion day.

India 2012 - 19: Goa - Diesel in Paradise II: Class Trip Morning (50 p.)

Lacking taxis I walked in the morning from the hotel to Majorda Junction, next a lovely ride to Kulem at the foot of Braganza Ghats followed.

From Kulem I took a jeep into the jungle of Mollem national park.

India 2012 - 20: Goa - Diesel in Paradise III: Dudhsagar Falls (50 p.)

One of the dream destinations of my journey: Dudhsagar Falls, and I reached it just the second when the once weekly express from Chennai with three ALCOs was rolling downhill across the bridge.

Even by jeep you can only get here during dry season.

At Kulem station, the quite numerous freight trains were pulled and banked by GM WDG-4 class diesels.

Around noon I could relax in the shade of the passenger towards the beach.

My next destination was the wonderful combination of railway and beach at Sankval.

India 2012 - 21: Goa - Diesel in Paradise IV: Railway Dream Beach (50 p.)

18047 "Amaravati Express" Howrah (Kalkutta) - Vasco leading locos in my favourite livery and shape.

Sunday, February 19, I only relaxed at the beach.


On departure day from Goa one of the top locations of the journey was visited, Konkan Railway Zuari Bridge...

India 2012 - 22: Goa - Diesel in Paradise V: Zuari Amazon-Crossing (50 p.)

The first train across the river viewed from the street bridge.

Further amazing scenes could be experienced at the fishing village of Cortalim.

India 2012 - 23: Goa VI - On Water, Rails and Elephant (50 p.)

Ferry across wide Zuari river and fishing utensils.

The rest of the day was spent again at the beach near the hotel.

India 2012 - 24: First Class Goa - Mumbai - Pune (50 p.)

In India harsh contrasts always clash, here fishermen with old outrigger boats and tourists mainly from Russia.

In the evening Konkan Kanya Express took me from Madgaon to Mumbai, I could spend the night in a first class AC compartment.

On February 21 we drove IS Anand's Skoda Yeti to once more visit friends in Pune.

February 22 was the last photography day of the trip, a taxi already took me at 2:30 a.m. to the Western Railway suburban station Bandra.

India 2012 - 25: Mumbai - Vaitarna Western Railway Morning (50 p.)

With Mumbai railway friends Karthik, Mohit and Raj I visited Vaitarna bridge on the Western Railway mainline north along the coast still in great foggy mood.

A WCAM-1 passing Vaitarna station at sunrise.

After some discussions with the station personnel due to the photo permits and some criminal sandpit activities in the vicinity we could resume taking pictures after 2 1/2 hours.

Before noon I returned to Mumbai city centre.

India 2012 - final part 26: Mumbai - Churchgate to C.S.T. (50 p.)

Entering Churchgate terminal, Wankhede cricket stadium to the right.

During my walk through the centre many classic Premier Padmini taxis crossed my path.


Ashok Leyland Titan double decker bus.

The tour ended at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, once Victoria Terminus, terminal of Central Railway.

Shoe polisher in the old station hall.


And finally a departure shot of a modern and an old EMU operating on the still DC-electrified Harbour Line.

I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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