Headin' to Marysville!

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Via Hiawatha...
Back on May 31st, 2013 I found myself, along with a pair of fans some of you may have heard of, Lance Garrels and Luke Lohrmeyer chasing trains around Kansas City, my duo of friends had done this the day before, and ended up chasing a coal train to Marysville, via Hiawatha Lukes first success at chasing over the Hiawatha and Falls City Subs, so we decided to let history repeat itself, so after fanning around Argentine, we headed north, first on the Missouri side of the Missouri River, and then we crossed over at Atchison, KS. with word in hand of an approaching manifest. The chase was on, and as most of these shots tell, the late supper at Pizza Hut was very welcome!
1) We find our manifest, the MFWNP-30 behind a trio of GEs, we had saw this train in Kansas City but didn't know it was heading up here, so it was a welcome treat. Never the less, C44AC heads down and up southeast of Shannon with an SPatch in the consist.
2013-05-31  014  UP 6822  Shannon, KS.jpg
2&3) We then get on US-73 and head for Lancaster, just west of town our manifest heads down a small grade and on towards Hiawatha, UP 6546 is the DPU.2013-05-31  015  UP 6822  Lancaster, KS.jpg
2013-05-31  016  UP 6546 dp  Lancaster, KS.jpg


We caught word of a second train being on the way, intermodal train KMNOA-30 we headed back into Atchison to catch it, we wouldn't be able to shoot it there as it snuck up on us while we were shooting...
4) HLCX 3844 tied down awaiting local assignments and...
2013-05-31  017  HLCX 3844  Atchison, KS.jpg
5) KCS 4028 awaiting the loading of a grain train, or perhaps the power of this weeks MATKC/MKCAT, between here and Kansas City.
2013-05-31  018  KCS 4028  Atchison, KS.jpg
6) After the intermodal train snuck up on us just after these shots, we headed back to Shannon, more in town this time, for our first shots of this train, with UP 5414 as the leader.
2013-05-31  019  UP 5414  Shannon, KS.jpg
Now you can put on your seat belts, there's no following trains imminent so this is our hot ticket to Marysville, I promise!


7&8) Getting back on US-73, we weren't able to beat the train to Lancaster, but we did get ahead of them before reaching Huron, no not the famous one, Huron, KS. I'm gonna take a side not her to point out that the clouds in the background are in a line of thunderstorms that contained a record breaking 2.6 mile wide EF3 (damage wise, wind wise it was an EF5) tornado that killed famous storm chasers Tim Samaras, his son Paul, and Carl Young.
2013-05-31  020  UP 5414  Huron, KS.jpg
2013-05-31  021  UP 5414  Huron, KS.jpg
9) We get back on US-73 and use the fact it's a busy enough highway to permit an overpass over the Falls City Sub at Willis, which is exactly where this shot was taken, just after some high thin clouds covered the sun.
2013-05-31  023  UP 5414  Willis, KS.jpg
10) Heading up 73 a few more miles we catch them again at Hiawatha, where they'll hang a left for Marysville the trains crossing the main drag through downtown
2013-05-31  024  UP 5414  Hiawatha, KS.jpg


US-36 is now our highway of choice for catching the train, but with the Hiawatha Sub being over 8 miles away at times it was decided to stick to towns closer than 4 miles from the highway. And so, without much more of a story than this, I'll just tell you the locations for the next few shots (plus, I have to leave soon ;) )
11) Seneca, KS from US-36 proper.
2013-05-31  026  UP 5414  Seneca, KS.jpg
12) Axtell, KS. for those with a telephoto lens this is a KILLER spot with a nice S curve.
2013-05-31  028  UP 5414  Axtell, KS.jpg
13) Already posted, but what the heck, it fits the thread. UP 5414 is now in the yard at Marysville about to duck under US-77 at the east end of the yard, the cut of cars at right will be become the MMVSF, bound for Memphis, TN.
2013-05-31  030  UP 5414  Marysville, KS.jpg
All for now, I'll try and get the pre-supper shots up soon.
Thanks for viewing! Hope you enjoyed them.

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