[Germany] On tour with the Molli (The narrow gauge steam train) - Part 1 26p.

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This is part 1 of 4 of the journey to and with the Molli.
On the 10th of Juli some friends and I travelled by train to Bad Doberan to meet the Molly. I’ve been there before once in the 90’s after the wall was tearing down. We call the federal states in the former GDR still the new federal states. One day I saw a sketch of a comedian in TV and I will never forget that sketch. He said “After 25 years we still call the federal states in the former GDR the new federal states. But no one will say I go just in my new kitchen which is 25 years old. “
The city has changed a lot. Buildings along the way where the Molli steams through the streets look like in very good condition. Unfortunately I haven’t had an eye (because the time was too short) for the streets beneath the main roads. I’m still curious how they (and the buildings there) have changed after all these years.
Beneath pictures of the now tour, I can you also show some pictures I have taken when I was the first time there. I found out that it must have been between 1991 and 1995. I don’t know the exact date. But when I looked through the old slides (there are not too much of the Molli because the Molli was that day the last point of other destinations)I found out that I took this time almost from the same places the same pictures. So it is not too hard to see the changes in all these years.
All new pictures are taken on the 10th Juli 2013. The old pictures are taken between 1992 and 1995 (I don’t know the exact date.
So, here are the pictures:
Let’s just start with the third last picture of the Molli I took in the 90’s.


099 901-1 in the station of Bad Doberan. According to a website I found, became this loco the number on the 01.01.1992. The number of the loco was before that date 99 2321.


When we arrived in Bad Doberan at present, we saw already the coach of the next to train Kühlungsborn West are standing ready to board at the platform.


Here are some more coaches of the train. The train should leave at this time but became a delay because of shunting.


99 2324-4 comes along the side track with two other coaches which will be coupled at the head end of the train. This loco is a new build loco. The date of construction is 2008/2009.


Here is 99 2324-4 from the front side.


The conductor is already waiting for the loco and the wagons to change the direction of the switch.


The direction of the switch has changed and backwards the train comes to the rest of the train.


Two men couple the coaches.


Our train is now on the way to Kühlungsborn West. We’re still in the streets of Bad Doberan and cross just a street.


After a while travelling in the train, we’ve just arrived in Heiligendam where we will meet the train which comes from Kühlungsborn West to Bad Doberan.


While our train still is standing, people use the opportunity to board or leave the train. On the other platform is really a crowd of people who wait for the other train.


In the 90’s there haven’t so much people. Here I was on the train which drove to Bad Doberan and we were waiting for the train from Bad Doberan to Kühlungsborn.


099 902-9 was pulling that train.


Here another angle of the loco.


Back in the now time, we see here 99 2322-8 arriving in Heiligendam.


Coincidentally is 99 2322 just the loco, I took a photo of in the 90’s at the same place. She became renumbered on the 01.01.1992


Our journey continues and we just passing the level crossing behind the station.


Next stop is at Steilküste which means cliffs or steep coast.


Here we are at Kühlungsborn Mitte, last stop before Kühlungsborn West.


After the coach was almost empty, I took this picture of the furnishings.


Because this is the terminus of the line, all passengers left the train here.


Our train stands at the platform of Kühlungsborn West.


An impression of the station.


Another impression and in the background you can see the 99 332 which is stored as monument loco.


This is the dining car of the train.


And this is the equipment inside the dining car.

To be continue….

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