gcor score requirements?

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johnny jr.

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I recently failed my Gcor test with a 88%@ best. An CP requires 90% or higher so i was dismissed from the conductor program. Loved the fact i had the chance and want to work the rails. Do all the class 1 require a 90% to pass? An is it possable to hire with another rail service? after bing i was dismissed from one. Please advise?
Depends on the railroad.

BNSF for instance, 90% or better, you get 2 attempts. Plus in certain locations, you must pass a Hostler's exam and checkride.

I believe UP is 85% or better. I cant tell you much about the other class one's.

You may still have a shot at getting on with another Class 1, but it will be tougher, you may need to explain yourself to the interviewer about your experience at CP.

Have you thought of trying to get on a Shortline? Most of the interview and testing requirements are a bit more relaxed.


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You're at 88% and you only need 90%. Did they tell you which questions you missed? Or do they simply tell you your score?

In any case, you only need 2 or 3 more questions right, so the answer is simple enough. Study, Study and Study some more. Study until you feel like you've memorized the book. Then go apply again, and see how you do.

As for hiring with somebody else, you'd need to ask the railroad hiring department, but I suspect that you could apply for their program and get the chance to test again. You might even be able to try again at CP, check with them and see. It's not like it's an IQ test where the result (theoretically at least) won't change. In this case your score can easily be improved by studying and you're very close to passing.


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With UP you go through a 3 week rules class that has many tests. You need to get an 85% to pass. If you don't get an 85%, then you must retake the test and get a 90%. If on the second time you don't get a 90%, you are dismissed. The tests aren't super difficult, but you need to respect them and take them serious. In my class we would study each night before a test as a group, and we would have a study group each night to go over the workbook. The normal nights were more of a social get together/study session. But before the tests we did full on reviews and study. And half the people in my class were 4 year college graduates.


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Just curious sir,

Are you more concerned about getting hired or doing you potential job correctly and safely? I suspect the RR's have a passing standard that has been well verified by a large set of statistic data. Why not make 100% you objective ?

johnny jr.

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no, I do not object. I was just asking compaired to others? i just thought it weird that to get a Emergancy Medical Tech license(E.M.T.). in my state and most others they want 80% or higher.But for a train its 90% and we to as EMT's go thew Haz-Mat, communcations on radio, paper work. still 88% is not bad? but yet to be labeled a failuer? when i asked CP about reapplying they basicly said, NO!.


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Wow! CP does not give you a second chance? BNSF, for instance, where i work, if you miss 29 questions, which would put you at 89% roughly, you can retake the once you've missed on the spot. If you miss more than that, they send you to Kansas city to retake it. You get one more shot. Its not an easy test. Police academy for instance, only requires 70% to graduate.

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