EWG doings ... and the caboose

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Bruce Butler

1) a sunny April 8, 2011 catches 4 locomotives in 4 paint schemes gathering an eastbound grain train at Coulee City, WA. SD45 375 in MRL paint, SD45 8924 in SCL paint, GP20 3043 in DMVW paint and GP7 1617 in LC paint.

2) 1617 spotting loads of cement for unloading on 4/14/2011. We are on the "Fairchild lead", the stub of the former Geiger spur line across Fairchild Air Force base.

3) 4 units ready to head west out of Cheney on 4/19/2011. SD40T-2R former UP 2891 (exx DRGW 5362), GP20 3043 (ex DMVW exx ATSF 3043),
SD45 8924 (ex MRL 8924, exx SCL 8924), and SD45 374 (ex MRL 375, and other heritage all the way back to PC 6233). Quite the lashup!

4) here is a lash-up for you - 6 units, 6 different color schemes. In addition to EWG's 375, 8924, 2891, and WRIX 3043 (working units), we have GP10 WRIX 1400 and GP9 WRIX 1761 enroute to a new home at the Northern Plains railway.

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Bruce Butler

and now for the "Caboose" part

5) On 4/25/2011 we have GP20 ready to leave Cheney for the Geiger spur with cement loads, 2 steel loads, and an ex CN caboose going to Western Rail. It was an exceptionally dreary day with solid clouds and steady rain.

6) This telephoto view catches Conductor Ben Teeters heading toward the caboose. Ben was willing to forgo his ride in the cab of the 3043 to ride the caboose. He said that it was a very good ride.

7) The caboose and 2 steel loads on the Geiger spur mainline (it really looks like a mainline here with concrete ties and 112# 78' rail) while we spot cement on the Fairchild lead.

8) All too soon we arrive at Western Rail where the caboose is spotted behind their fence.

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Abandoned line seeker
I got a view of the inside of the caboose looking out from Ben yesterday. Seems to be a nice caboose.


FP Engineer
Hey Bruce,
Thanks again for the insider look into the EWG. Pretty neat little railroad with a good miix of current and potential businesses.
Glad I got some good roster shots and pictures of those 57-61 year old 1st-gen geeps while they were at WRIX.
Any idea as to what WRIX will be doing with a caboose? Private car, lease/resale, scrap?

Bruce Butler

Hey Bruce,
Any idea as to what WRIX will be doing with a caboose? Private car, lease/resale, scrap?

Certainly not scrap. It is a nice car. The original plan was that they were going to use it for an office. But I also have heard rumors that it may be for sale. Time will tell.

Kevin M

New Member
I wandered around the caboose at yardley and noticed what looked like absobernt pads on the floor and the distinct smell of diesel. Does it still smell? It was a nice looking caboose but I was disapointed I could not find any torpedos inside as we always here the Canadien stuff has them.

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