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Got RAW?
Had to teach a class for a couple of weeks in the Metroplex for my company. Was teaching at night this past week and was able to enjoy the recent wave of sunshine and warm temps last Thursday. The tour was heavy on the FW side.
First up! Had to check out "Jerry's World" to see the preps for the big event next Sunday.


Trinity Rail Express Train backs around the wye into the station lead for downtown Fort Worth.

Nothing was moving at Tower 55 so I decided to swing by Davidson(Centennial) Yard to see what action was there. Getting there was a challenge due to serious road construction on the east side of the yard. Here string of new switchers rolled back into the yard.

Back at T55 things were about to get busy (finally) as a WB stack train waited.

First a southbound extremely long string of hopper cars, some very rusty headed south. I suspect they were empty salt cars being expedited to meet the extreme need for battling the record snows up north.

Next up the Texas Eagle? Locals help me here since I am not sure how to tell it from the Heartland Flyer.

Finally the WB stacker gets to roll across the diamond.

Followed shortly thereafter by these two sharp GP38s with a short string of reefers.

Before the local crosses the diamond a BNSF coal train blasts across the diamond heading south with his load.

While all this action cleared another WB UP stacker approached to make his crossing. Really love the flag flying at the crossing.

A quintet of gensets heads east with long string of manifest transfers.

Headed north to enjoy the end of sunlight at Saginaw, sadly its not the hot spot that is used to by as other have warned me. Mostly due to the demise of the BNSF yard on the southwest approach of the interlocking.

Here was the only action a hopper train heading east.
Anyway it was great getting out in the Sun, it was 73 degrees with a strong breeze. All were taken with my traveling companion SD14 with a 18-200DCOS.
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Concerning the Amtrak train you encountered it appears to be the Heartland Flyer (Fort Worth to Oklahoma City). It usually runs with one locomotive, three coaches (no baggage car) and most likely a NPCU (Non-Powered Cab Unit) on the other end. That facilitates the push/pull nature of the train.

Hope that helps.


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John 3:16
If it was taken near Arizona or Broadway streets is was the Texas Eagle. From your angle it looks like Arizona St. is in the background. The Heartland Flyer doesn't operate south of Tower 55.


Got RAW?
Thanks, I kind of figured the Amtrak was the TX Eagle. I was just doubting since it stayed at the station so long. Figured it would be a quick stop and off to Dallas.


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Seeing Tower 55 reminded me how I had pre-ordered a Tower 55 HO locomotive before they went tango-uniform.

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