CSX signals. Help PLEASE!!!!

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Hello! I am new to the railroad industry and i am going to redi school on july. I printed off the signals to study a few weeks ago but i am still having some trouble understanding some of the terms and descriptions (remember i have never seen this stuff before). My question is if there are any websites to help or if you have ANY tips i would greatly appreciate it! Stay safe out there!!!!


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First, relax. Many before you have learned the signals and most aren't rocket surgeons.

Second, make sure you know WHICH signals pertain to where you will be working. The last thing you want to do is study the wrong signals.

One you do know which signals to study (which probably won't happen until you get to REDI) make flashcards. Study every day. Most signals have a system to them and really aren't that hard once you figure out that system.


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Hello...My name is Josh,and Im going to redi june 6....I will be working out of the nashville terminal...My best friend is a yardmaster/train master there in radnor...I have worked for RJ Corman Derailment now for a while and have been around CSX fir quite a while. The best advice I can give you is wait till you go to redi then get you a good study group...Dont focus to hard on stuff,due to the fact that almost every division is different in aspect of signals..I have been told by everyone who has been through redi that they give you plenty of time to study, and trying to do stuff prior to class may indeed put you in a jam.Ill grant you there are alot of signals,but if you just apply yourself you will have no problems.Signals are pretty basic,(examples:Clear,Approach,stop,restricting).You can take it for what its worth but I would highly reccomend not cramming your head full of information, and just wait till school.If you would like ill shoot you my email,and try to give you a heads up while im at redi....Thanks Josh


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Thanks for the advice guys. Im not sure which signals we will be using but i am studying the csx seaboard and former conrail territories. I will be in the florence division working out of Hamlet,NC. If yall have any advice in general i am wiling to take any help i can get! Thanks again guys!


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There was a website that had the CSX signals posted on it.

I live upm on the CSx toledo Sub and I'm based out of Lima, Ohio. There we have both the new safetrans and the old CPL's still going strong. Its easy to figure out the signals on both the safetrans and the CPL's considering I grew up just north of Cairo, Ohio. It took me a little while to learn whaich was which, but in the end, im glad I did.

Here is a website with the CSX signal aspects for both the CPL's and the new safetrans. It will be different, but this should at least give you a basic idea of what signals you will encounter. I have had to learn a few new ones too, but all in all its a good thing to know what signals are which. I have to know when I'm trackside that way I know what kind of time I have to shoot. Good luck at REDI.

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