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Steam Chaser
On Tuesday, March 27th, Sonny Sellers and I headed west to Waverly, MO, to begin our 200 mile chase of UP 844. The northern was powering the Shiloh Limited, hauling cannons and actors to the 150th anniversary reenactment of the battle of Shiloh. The chase was good overall, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Here are shots:

The first shot of the day at Waverly, MO, shows 844 leading the Shiloh Limited around the bend. This shot was messed up by power lines, and I didn't like it too much. I strongly prefer the alternate, vertical view (next in the series).
UP 844 at Waverly by stlgevo51, on Flickr

In one of my favorite shots of the day despite taking it as an afterthought, UP 844 leads the Shiloh Limited around the bend in the rural river town of Waverly, MO.
UP 844 at Waverly-Alternate View by stlgevo51, on Flickr

Sonny gives UP 844's pilot engineer an enthusiastic wave a mile west of the first service stop at Malta Bend.

UP 844 at Grand Pass by stlgevo51, on Flickr

UP 844 blasts away from its service stop at Malta Bend, MO. Though just a wedgie, who couldn't love a good rods down shot?
UP 844 at Malta Bend by stlgevo51, on Flickr

The Route 41 overpass was as barren as a wasteland when we pulled up. Despite a little confusion at first, UP 844 showed up right away. The entire 17 car consist is visible here.
UP 844 at Marshall by stlgevo51, on Flickr

With the sun now shining, UP 844 speeds around the curve at Lamine, MO. The car on the other side of the tree was giving us fits, but what can you do?
UP 844 at Lamine by stlgevo51, on Flickr

A good crowd has gathered both on the ground and on the highway bridge to witness 844's service stop and spirited departure from the town of Boonville, MO. Boonville is a nice river town with the Katy Trail's crossing of the Missouri River where I am standing. The old MKT, however, actually crossed the river on the lift bridge in the background.
UP 844 at Boonville by stlgevo51, on Flickr

UP 844 speeds through Wooldridge on its way to Marion, Arkansas. The foundation in the foreground is from an old grain elevator, and UP now uses it to store track supplies. Because of a pair of hay bale hauling trucks on the road ahead, this was the last shot we would get of the train until after its service stop at Jefferson City. There we would grab some lunch before preparing for the next spot.
UP 844 at Wooldridge by stlgevo51, on Flickr

In the best shot of the day, steam pours out of UP 844 as it soars across the nicely weathered bridge above the Moreau River a few miles east of Jefferson City. A little spring color has also made its way into the shot. A nice crowd of about 20 railfans were congregated on the road bridge shooting at this location.
UP 844 at the Moreau River Bridge by stlgevo51, on Flickr

Though I shot this engine on its first (well, technically second) run north a week after it was unveiled, I couldn't resist not getting at least one shot of it. Here it is crossing the Moreau River just east of Jefferson City.

UP 2010 at the Moreau River by stlgevo51, on Flickr

This was the least impressive shot of the day but one of the best runbys. UP 844 tries to make up lost time as it slams through Gray's Summit at track speed. The people in the shot were not cooperating with us, making the sidelit shot even worse.
UP 844 at Gray's Summit by stlgevo51, on Flickr

UP 844 starts its climb up Kirkwood Hill as it passes the Museum of Transportation with 17 cars, two water tenders, and UP 2010 at its drawbar. I went to this location with Sonny, Rick, and Nathan solely to hear it come up the hill. In fact, I almost didn't take this shot. However, I really like the result. We hoped to catch it one more time downtown, but a few stoplights and less than stellar lighting helped up decide to call off the chase. Still, it was a pretty successful day!
UP 844 at Barrett Station by stlgevo51, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!
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Mr. Pick

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Great job Jake! That had to be a great trip. Many good pictures here. Wish I could have been there!


What a great set of photos! I have followed that line while traveling from Kansas City to St Louis, and you have captured the 844 at some really good locations. Thanks. TZ


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