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Reality escapee
I don't know what caused it but the railroad thing does not interest me as much as it once did. While I enjoy reading the posts here it's been seven months since I actually went out and sat trackside to photograph.

Has anyone lost interest and found a way to break out of the funk?


Jon Bentz

New Member
It's always been a 'hot / cold' thing with me. I'm that way about a lot of interests. You'll eventually snap out of it or maybe you're ready to move on to something else. People are funny that way.


John 3:16
At times I lose intrest in certain aspects of it. In my case working for a railroad company takes the edge off of it at times.


Follow your heart. I spaced out on railroads for a decade or more, but always got snagged back by one thing or another. Now I'm a conductor/engineer on the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and loving every minute of it. If you have FB, check out my "Tales from the Narrow Gauge" through my Notes section for Donovan Gray. And my question for the summer has been "Who do people wave at trains?" Just gotta keep something interesting going.;)


New Member
Hi April, I have a blog about some of my railway experiences and the jobs I do and have done over the years.
For what it's worth, it may be of interest to you to hear about how a railway operates on the other side of the planet to you?
I am no hemmingway, ( although I have been known to enjoy a beer or two).
It's just my way of sharing my railway career with like minded folk.
No guarantees , but maybe it might give you another tilt on things.
Anyway good luck , we all need a change sometime!!


New Member
Has anyone lost interest and found a way to break out of the funk?

I haven't really lost interest, but I have only been out once in the last three or four years. Sometimes it is a matter of too many other things getting in the way. In my case, I retired a year ago and now have so many projects on the go around home that I keep myself busier than when I was working!!


Ed Sand

General Idiot
Railroads are a very complex business. You can always investigate parts of railroading that might be new to you. You could learn about intermodal, for example, or operations in the PRB, or short line holding companies, etc. Learn about a railroad somewhere you've always wanted to visit. Or about a particular technological (air brakes, couplers, AC power, etc.) or business (car hire, demurrage, deregulation, etc.) development. Or look into a particular era of history that might be especially interesting to you.

The opportunities and diversity are almost endless.


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From time to time I get really busy and railfanning gets moved down on the list, but I never really get burned out. Lately I haven't had time to even think about posting photos becausse I have been so busy. I have Cpae Cod Centeral photo to post, Colorado Photos to post, plus a bunch of local stuff. I am sure this winter we will have a couple snow days where I am stuck in the house and then may be I can get caught up!

I did get burnt out on shooting "Roster Shots" a long time ago. I usually go out in search of cool shots that have more than just a locomotive in them. I usually move aound the are to mix it up which helps a lot.


New Member
I burnout and then resume operating my model railroad, does that count? I live in the eastern side of the 'Rust Belt' and though I love modern operations, their are many historical railroads in the county where I live. Some times I go on research binge and find cool facts nobody else cares about. Once I found a book on a local 3' gauge railroad that operated until 1920 that is now long gone. Recently I saw a photo of a trolley line that looked like a rollercoaster. Lots of cool things to research.

sent from my thunderbolt


Outstanding In My Field
Go out and buy a new camera or lense. That always does it for me. ;) I have noticed that looking back at my photos over the years, that my interest has gone up and down as shown by the number of photos per year. Maybe you can wait for a change of season and try for some fall colors or snow?



Texas Railfan
I was burned out for a while but it was also due to my dismal working environment of my last job.

I have a few new photos to post, but with my new / better job, I'm working longer hours. So there's a trade off. I've got a lot to do in little time.


Photo Critiques Welcome
Find something new. A new place, a new prospective whatevere. Focus on shooting one good picture doing something new.


New Member
Work seems to have a big influence on our passion of watching the railroads.
In the past, I've taken lots of RR pics, before the internet.
Now, it's so much easier to post pictures, but the constraints of our busy schedules prevent much! As a heavy-haul trucker, I'm always watching trains, and finding old railbeds around the US. Too bad I can't stop and do some picture-taking!
Been delivering out west watching the container trains, headed back to Tulsa now, maybe I can get a few pics this weekend!


Reality escapee
Go out and buy a new camera or lense. That always does it for me. ;) I have noticed that looking back at my photos over the years, that my interest has gone up and down as shown by the number of photos per year. Maybe you can wait for a change of season and try for some fall colors or snow?


I'd like to upgrade a bit on cameras and/or lenses but barely making it right now covering the essentials (food/shelter/medical stuff).

If I ever came into any extra money it would go for new glasses (mine are five years old and falling apart).



Stan Lytle

New Member
Try virtual railfanning with Google Maps. You'll find all sorts of things right in your backyard. Then go check them out.


Son of a Conrail fan
I've been there and done that to the point I was burned out on the same old crap-different day. (same power, different day). It turned exciting for a few times, but on the CSX thats about all I get-CSX power. NS is mostly the same way, save for some forein power here and there. I was doing roster shots without much planning, but now since I am a photography student, I try to get creative with my photos. Some I like, others just suck (and no comments from the peanut gallery, this is strictly enforced). Now since Im on the Atlantic, it gives me a chance to get more creative with what I have, and to practice my skills and refine them further.

After a character assination from another member here, and on trainorders.com, I hardly post anything anymore, and thats with having to enforce my own personal copyright. Once all that happend, I was to where I felt I needed a new hobby, but lo and behold railfanning is all I've ever known from my Dad. Had it not been for my Dad being supportive in that great time of trial, I would not be a railfan to this day.

Keep at it April. Who knows, you may end up saving someones life.


New Member
3329, well said.
I believe without passion we have little hope.
It is a hard thing for some to pull up and continue after a downward spiral, but being human, I think that somewhere inside, most of us have that ability.
Good words and sound advice.

Kudos sir.
I have several interests that keep me going...one of which is my music.

I can spend hours just mucking around with my hardware synths or guitars and who knows what all else...being a bit of a
..helps as well here...:rolleyes: As for burn out..meh..I just go with the flow as it were...if something else intrigues me I just go off and do that until I feel that I can come back to this one.

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