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A Colorado Railfan!
This morning, we trek along the BNSF Brush Subdivision between Irondale and Tonville. It was a slow morning, but once the morning progressed on, the trains started to come. Our first train is the daily Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois Z-Train. After dropping off a cut of box cars at Irondale, the Hudson Turn heads to Hudson, Rescar, and then Keenesburg. We relocate to Barr Lake State Park and catch two Westbounds. The first train is the daily Lincoln, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado Manifest. The second train is a loaded coal train lead by the usual 2x2 lash up. The Brush Dispatcher informed the train that an empty coal train was leaving town with a fresh crew and a meet was to happen at Irondale. At Barr, the empty waited for a track inspector to come into Barr and then get some more track and time between West Barr and WBCS (Westbound Control Signal) 68th Avenue. It wasn't a long wait as the empty got the green to Tonville where they had to go into the siding to wait for two loads that were following each other at Keenesburg, while the Hudson Turn was at Keenesburg as well. Overall it was a pretty nice few hours, with seven trains. Not bad for a Saturday!

Train 1: It's just after sunrise as the Denver - Chicago (Z-DENCHI1-19A) Z-Train is about to blast under the overpass at Tonville with a C44-9W and a repainted SD75I.

Train 2: The Hudson Turn is seen coming into Irondale about to make a set out with boxcars. Once that's completed, the train is seen doing 60 MPH past the signals at Barr, Colorado.

Train 3: At the shore of Barr Lake, the daily Lincoln - Denver (H-LINDEN9-18A) Manifest races along the shoreline at Barr Lake State Park.

Train 4: Following behind the Lincoln - Denver, a load races right along the lakeside at Barr Lake State Park.

Train 5: An empty coal train is seen waiting for a track inspector to clear before proceeding to Tonville.

Train 6: With the empty coal train safely in the siding, the first of two coal loads roars through the west end of Tonville.

Train 7: The second coal load moves right along through West Tonville and into Denver for a new crew to continue its trip to Amarillo, Texas.

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