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Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is the right subsection for this question but here it goes anyways. I'm relatively new to the Yakima Valley area and have become interested in modeling BNSF's Yak Sub operations in HO scale. I've learned quite a bit by researching and trackside watching on the rare occasion that I have time, but I have a few questions that I can't seem to find the answer to.

1.) Does the Ellensburg local originate out of Pasco or Yakima? I know it normally comes Tuesday or Thursday to Ellensburg and was lucky enough to catch it once, but that's about all I know.
2.) If the Ellensburg Local originates in Pasco, does it service any other towns on the way up to Ellensburg?
3.) If the E-burg Local originates in Yakima, does the power for it (I think normally two SD40-2's?) stay in Yakima or does it arrive in Yakima on a different job?
4.) Is the Pasco-Yakima Turn (PYT) the same train as the Toppenish Turn? I'm assuming that if they are different trains that the Toppenish Turn originates in Pasco.
5.) Which train services the set-outs at Gibbon for the CBRW? Is it the Byron Turn?
6.) Where does the power comes from for the CBRW branch out to Sunnyside and Granger? I see strings of cars on the set-out track at Gibbon every time I drive by, and I'm assuming they are set out there by BNSF. The CBRW power doesn't come down from Yakima to pick up those cars, do they? Or is there some CBRW power that hangs out on the Granger branch to service the industries and leave cars for BNSF to pick up? I've never seen any CBRW power running so I have no idea when to try and catch them.
7.) Who services the branch out to White Swan? When I've driven by the start of the branch I've seen cars set out there, but I have no idea who sets them out and who picks them up.

Sorry, I know these are pretty specific questions. I'm just trying to figure out how things run on this line so I can plan how to model it accurately. The answers to these questions will help me figure out what locomotives I still need to build, and how to best compress the line into a reasonable space.



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1. Yakima, runs tue and thurs mornings normally
2. Selah
3. Stays and is cycled to pasco every week
4. No, Toppenish Turn is now the Bryon Turn
5. PYT
6. Power is stored in Whitstran
7. Yakima Central


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Thanks! That is just the info I was looking for, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I'm now getting a much clearer picture of how things run around here.

A quick follow-up question if you don't mind. I've only seen the Ellensburg local two times and both times it had dual SD40-2's. Does the power vary to four axle EMDs on this and the other local jobs around here?


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Hey guys, I know this is kinda late but I am wondering if you two would know more information about what happens on the stampede sub and Yakima Valley subdivisions. I have a few questions. I would like to know what cargo is hauled through here and how many trains we normally see a day here. In the past I've seen BNSF carry empty grainers, coal drags, tankers, and occasionally a long string of flatbeds normally 115 cars long with about 3 locomotives. Although, last Friday a 6 locomotive consist went through Yakima at about 6:30 P.M. with an ex BN gp 50 and 5 9-44cw BNSF locos. It was also about a 60 car manifest that I've never seen before it was all kinds of cars. Was that a one time thing or is that common? I also know there is two SD40-2's that run out of Yakima and Pasco on Tues and Thurs. There is a shortline that runs CBRW though Yakima weekdays and leaves the Yakima Yard to Moxee at about 2:30-3 on weekdays when they need to haul certain materials. I just want to know if you could recommend something so I can catch these trains more frequently. Can I listen on a scanner or does the Stampede Sub/Yakima Valley Sub have a schedule? I don't know I wish to know more in the future! I live in Yakima and want to meet with these trains more frequently but just don't know where they're coming. If you could answer any of my questions that would be so helpful!

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