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We are pleased to announce that the Grand Canyon Limited steam excursion running from Los Angeles to Williams, Arizona and then on up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and return to Los Angeles has now been called a SURE-GO by the Central Coast Railway Club-Central Coast Chapter and Trains & Travel International of Reno.

We have been told by the railroads that this excursion operating on the very busy transcontinental route could very well be the last high speed mainline steam pulled trains allowed.

For those folks that have not booked your space yet we want to point out to you that we have different options to meet most everyone's needs and desires for an enjoyable experience. We also have one day options for Los Angeles and Phoenix with same day return by charter bus. In California passengers will now be able to detrain or board our train in Barstow.

MAY 14-19, 2012

Trains and Travel International of Reno, Nevada and the Central Coast Railway Club from Santa Clara, California are pleased to announce the SURE-GO status of the Grand Canyon Limited. After a very successful operation of the Northern California Explorer excursion train in June over the BNSF Inside Gateway plans are moving forward for our next big excursion to Arizona celebrating this states centennial.

The Grand Canyon Limited will be pulled by the ATSF 3751 4-8-4 steam locomotive from Los Angeles to Williams, Arizona via Parker and return. Additionally our excursion train will double head with the former CB&Q 4960 2-8-2 steam locomotive on the Grand Canyon Railroad between Williams and the South Rim roundtrip.

Photo run-bys will be made on all 5 operating days, freight traffic and timing permitting. This 6 day steam excursion will be operated under contract with Amtrak, BNSF, Grand Canyon and the Arizona & California Railroads.

Trains & Travel International is the official reservation agent for this excursion. All reservations and ticket sales must be made through us. The Central Coast Railway Club is in charge of the operating portion of this excursion.

Saturday May 12: National Train Day. Our charter train and the Santa Fe 3751 will be on display at Los Angeles Union Station for all to view and photograph.

Sunday May 13: Layover day to stock and service our Grand Canyon Limited. No passengers can board until Monday morning.

Day 1 Monday May 14: : Los Angeles to Parker, Arizona via Cajon Pass on the BNSF mainline. This will be a very long day covering 337 Miles. We will depart from Los Angeles 9:00AM with an estimated arrival in Parker at 8:30PM. East of Barstow we cross the vast Mojave Desert on the BNSF mainline as far as Cadiz. Here our train will switch off to the Arizona and California Railroad for the run to Parker. A photo run-by is planned on the line to Parker if we are running close to on-time. In Parker Non Pullman passengers will be transferred to nearby lodging and Pullman passengers will stay onboard. Lunch and dinner will be served onboard to all passengers going to Parker. One day passengers will now be allowed to detrain in Barstow. Estimated arrival time in Barstow is at 1:30PM. Waiting buses will transport one day passengers back to Los Angeles arriving about 4:00PM.

Day 2 Tuesday May 15: Parker to Williams 256 Miles. First leg will be Parker to Matthie on the Arizona and California Railroad. We are planning a photo run-by before arriving at Matthie. Second leg will be Matthie to Williams on the BNSF Peavine line. A 2nd photo run-by is planned once on the BNSF Peavine line. Keep in mind that all photo run-bys will depend upon our operating schedule and if we are running late. At Williams non Pullman passengers will transfer to local hotels and Pullman passengers will stay onboard. Depart Parker 9:30AM, depart Congress 3:30PM, and arrive Williams 7:00PM. A special option is available to pick up additional passengers at Congress, Arizona which is 7 miles north of Wickenburg. This option also includes a charter motor coach transfer from both Phoenix and Wickenburg to Congress to board the train for the ride north to Williams. Upon arrival in Williams motor coach transfers back to Wickenburg and Phoenix. Also if there is enough demand we will provide a motor coach from Phoenix-Wickenburg to Parker to arrive in time to board our train. Free bus transfer will depart Williams at 7:30PM and arrive Phoenix airport at 10:00PM.

Day 3 Wednesday May 16: Williams to Grand Canyon Round Trip 127 Miles. Doublehead with the CB&Q 4960 on the Grand Canyon Railroad . Option to for passengers to stay overnight at the South Rim and then ride the Grand Canyon's regular excursion train back to Williams on May 17 . Our train will depart Williams at 8:15AM arriving at the South Rim at 11:15AM. We then depart the Grand Canyon at 4:00PM and return to Williams at 7:00PM. Pullman passengers are offered the option to stay onboard in Williams. We are planning two photo run-bys today. Free bus transfer will depart Williams at 7:00AM arriving Phoenix airport 10:00AM

Day 4 Wednesday Thursday May 17: Layover day in Williams to service the steam locomotive and train. Pullman passengers with eastbound one-way tickets will detrain this morning. Those Pullman passengers with roundtrip tickets may spend the night onboard if you choose or transfer to local lodging for one night, at your own expense. Pullman passengers with westbound one-way tickets may board the train in the afternoon, after it is serviced and cleaned. Three Sightseeing options are available today. Free bus transfer departing Phoenix airport at 2:00PM and arriving Williams at 5:00PM.

Day 5 Friday May 18: Williams to Parker on the BNSF and Arizona & California Railroads, a total of 256 miles. A special option is available for local and Wickenburg folks to board our charter motor coaches for the ride up to Williams and ride our train southbound to Congress which is 7 miles north of Wickenburg , then return to your starting point in Phoenix on our buses. The train will Depart Williams 10:00AM, depart Congress 2:45PM and arrive Parker at 7:30PM. Non Pullman passengers will transfer to nearby lodging and Pullman passengers will stay onboard. We are planning one photo run-by on the BNSF and one on the Arizona & California Railroad if we are running close to on-time. Free bus transfer departing Phoenix airport at 6:00AM and arriving Williams 9:00AM. Also departing Williams at 11:00AM and arriving Phoenix airport at 4:30PM.

Day 6 Saturday May 19 Parker to Los Angeles running on the Arizona & California and BNSF railroads for a total of 337 miles. Depart Parker 8:00AM arrive Los Angeles about 8:00 PM. We are also planning to offer a photo run-by between Parker and Cadiz. Because of this very long day we will serve lunch and dinner to all passengers. One day passengers can now board our train in Barstow. Estimated train arrival time in Barstow is at 2:30PM. Buses will depart from Los Angeles Union Station at 12:30PM and arrive Barstow at 2:20PM.

ATSF 3751........................4-8-4 STEAM LOCOMOTIVE
AUX TENDER.......................WATER
AMTRAK...........................P42 DIESEL
AMTRAK...........................P42 DIESEL
AMTRAK...........................CAFE HORIZON CAR
ROYAL GORGE......................LOUNGE CAR
SCENIC VIEW......................FULL DOME
SKY VIEW.........................FULL DOME
PALM LEAF........................SLEEPER FOR STAFF
PACIFIC SANDS....................SLEEPER
SILVER RAPIDS....................SLEEPER


Steam Chaser
Cool! I was going to make a vacation around this trip, but I probably won't be able to make it. Too many other issues got in the way. :(

We have been told by the railroads that this excursion operating on the very busy transcontinental route could very well be the last high speed mainline steam pulled trains allowed.

I'm a little puzzles as to what this means. UP obviously won't host outside mainline trips, but does this spell the end for BNSF fantrips as well? What a shame if so.


It's probably just a scare tactic to get more tickets; while it's true that BNSF doesn't like to tie up the Transcon much, nothing I've heard suggests they intend to ban all future excursions.


New Member

Please, if you can change your plans back to taking
a vacation and being around the 3751 as she makes
this trip, do so. As Hal Lewis, of the Central Coast
Chapter, NRHS, said on March 28 on Trainorders:
"As we see it, the GCL will be our last multi-day trip
for the foreseeable future."
(By "our", he means Central Coast Chapter NRHS".)

There are many reasons why this is so, including the
great expense of getting cars for any excursion,
very much getting in the way of the freights that
pay the bills for the host railroads, and the high
cost of insurance.

Please go if you can. I know there are many other
things a person has responsibility for in this life
besides trains, but this is a rare rare trip.


John 3:16
Was wondering if anyone is out chasing this train. It departed Los Angeles this morning and is currently getting ready to depart or has already departed Barstow. Near real time updates on the Santa Fe 3751 facebook page.


New Member
ATSF 3751 -- Grand Canyon Limited on the GCRy now

I found that the best way to get good info
today (Wed., May 16, 2012) about where
the 3751 is is to go to
for timely updates from a guy who is on the
train right now. The 3751 crew has not updated
their Twitter posts since yesterday at Ash Fork, AZ.
There is a nice video on WestCoastRailForums of
the 3751 double-heading with the GCRy 4960 today.
No need to register or pay to read the posts on
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