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    BNSF track projects, WA State 2014

    This track extension actually will go from East Babb through Cheney to Anderson Rd, east of Cheney. Wonder if they wish they had kept the SP&S between Spokane and Pasco?
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    Looking for GP-30 photos

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    Class Reunion Trip 2013

    Port of Royal Slope The railroad (Othello - Royal City) and that Alco MRS1 belong to the Port of Royal Slope. They have been doing some preliminary work toward the goal of re-opening this line. Here is their web site: If you look at the left-bottom of the...
  4. NS 1039

    NS 1039

    Virginian, NS 1039 made it into the Pacific Northwest on a Laurel MT - Pasco (LAUPAS) train on 9/8/2012. It was the 3rd unit in the consist, trailing BNSF 7477 and NS 6793. This power was turned in Pasco and the same consist came east on 9/9/2012 on a PASLAU train. Again, NS 1039 was the 3rd...
  5. Tunnel Motors on EWG

    Tunnel Motors on EWG

    Two ex UP SD40-2 "Tunnel Motors" at work on Eastern Washington Gateway RR. NIWX 2891 is ex D&RGW 5362 and WRIX 8702 is ex SSW 8375. Taken 5/2/2012 east of Mondovi WA
  6. BNSF coal train at Marshall WA

    BNSF coal train at Marshall WA

    May 5, 2012. Two BNSF SD70MACs, 9877 & 8932, are seen at Marshall WA as they climb westbound on the former SP&S mainline. They will switch to the former NP mainline in just a few miles at Lakeside Jct and proceed to Pasco WA.
  7. NIWX 2891

    NIWX 2891

    Ex UP 2891, exx UP 8619, exxx UP 4049, built as DRGW 5362 July 1975. Builder # 756046-7. In service on Eastern Washington Gateway RR operating out of Cheney WA. Seen at Fictenberg Rd on Sept 30, 2011.
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    Comment by 'Bruce Butler' in media 'UP 3227 train 62'

    Yes. He liked the Milwaukee, mainly because of their electrics, but he also liked the NP, GN, and UP. He had a better camera than I did.
  9. UP 3227 train 62

    UP 3227 train 62

    UP Train 62, seen here about 1952 at Pullman WA, ran from Ayer Jct WA to Moscow ID. Usually powered by Pacifics 3226 or 3227 in this era. The track, bridge, and station are still here in 2011 but the UP is long gone. The old Pullman city hall is seen to the left of the loco and the old...
  10. NIWX 375

    NIWX 375

    Now that most of MRL's older SD45's, the "flares", have been retired, It is nice to see one still alive and earning its keep. NIWX 375 works for the Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad and is seen on the Geiger Spur on 7/28/2011. This unit was ordered by the Pennsy in 1968...
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    Comment by 'Bruce Butler' in media 'A real SD45'

    To answer some questions: It is indeed a "real" SD45, complete with the 20 cyl diesel engine. The Eailroad is Eastern Washington Gateway, EWG, operating 108 miles from Cheney WA to Coulee City WA. Here are the details: 8924: SD45, built 09/1971 as SCL 2024. Builder # 37715...
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    Comment by 'Bruce Butler' in media 'Forgotten Shay'

    Great picture. I had heard stories about this loco but had never seen a picture of it. Truly, a picture is worth 1,000 words!
  13. 4449


    Looking down on 4449 from a road bridge, SE 6th Avenue, in Camas WA. Eastbound on 9/16/2006.
  14. WRS 2253

    WRS 2253

    Western Rail Switching used this sharp looking GP30 when they operated the "Geiger Spur" west of Spokane WA. Picture taken 11/1/2007.
  15. Empire Builder crossing Spokane river

    Empire Builder crossing Spokane river

    Normally #7 rolls across the Spokane river East of Spokane in the middle of the night. On 2/3/2011 they were 13 hours late, making this picture possible. 2 of the 3 P42 units failed enroute, requiring the assistance of clean BNSF 5299.
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    Comment by 'Bruce Butler' in media 'TTC 4164 UTDC/HS L-2'

    At least these cars actually resemble a PCC car. I wish that more of today's new streetcar systems had cars that looked like these.
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    Comment by 'Bruce Butler' in media 'Cool in the snowshed'

    Sure 'nuf. holding his camera at eye level
  18. Cool in the snowshed

    Cool in the snowshed

    A group of attendees at "GN days - Skykomish" on 8/14/2010 escapes the August heat inside of the snowshed at Wellington WA. This shed was constructed in summer/fall 1910 after the disastrous and deadly avalanche hit Wellington on 3/1/1910. This line was abandoned by the Great...
  19. All 4 EWG locos in Davenport WA

    All 4 EWG locos in Davenport WA

    A rainy sunset on 2/12/2010 catches all 4 of EWG's locomotives on the head end of an eastbound grain train. These veterans were all built between 1953 and 1971
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    Comment by 'Bruce Butler' in media 'MRL Bonner Local switching the mill at Bonner, Mt.'

    MRL is one of the few roads that does a good job of keeping their locos CLEAN. They always look sharp, and these two senior citizens of dieseldom do look good! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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