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    Rail Materials

    Possibly as an alloying agent. Titanium is very expensive and weight savings are almost irrelevant in railroad use. Premium steel alloys are sometimes used for high-wear curves
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    Massive Explosion Seen After Train Derails Near Rock Springs, WY

    Classic BLEVE. That fireball had hang time.
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    Tractor pulling a line of gondolas

    And with one axle in the air, too.
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    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    Boeing builds other models of the 737 that are unaffected by the grounding. Those will continue to ship, though perhaps not as frequently.
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    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    I see those herons occasionally in the Auburn/Algona/Pacific area. That type of bird I'd normally associate with Florida and my sister's back yard ponds. Sometimes kingfishers, too.
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    Shorter and Shorter Trains

    Possibly a harbinger of economic downturn. :( What types of trains appear to be most affected. I know coal's down.
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    Steam locomotive construction and maintenance 1921

    And a good thing, too. Otherwise that specialized knowledge would be lost.
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    Steam locomotive construction and maintenance 1921

    This looks fascinating, but where to find the time and presence of mind to read it fully? My life is too full of stuff.
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    Locomotive boiler explosion

    That's a LOT worse safety record than I knew! These days an occasional water heater gets launched through a roof. I hope it's due to far fewer boilers (and stored energy) and much more stringent safety enforcement. But imagine the stored energy in the larger coal-fired and even nuclear power...
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    Locomotive boiler explosion

    All tremble! Before the POWER of STEAM! (darn right it's scary)
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    S shaped metal on Railroad tie ends?

    I'd expect wood ties (but not premium hardwoods) to be the lowest cost. Cost is also determined by life under loads. In somewhat contradictory fashion, I've observed BNSF to use concrete on sidings and in rail yards locally, yet retain wooden ties for a very busy mainline in many locations...
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    S shaped metal on Railroad tie ends?

    Indeed there are concrete ties, with reinforcing steel rods and/or steel cables under tension cast into the concrete in a mold. They aren't subject to moisture and rot, provided a suitable quality cement is chosen (Florida East Coast RR had a bad experience with this and ground up oyster shells...
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    S shaped metal on Railroad tie ends?

    Nowadays, the practice is to use metal plates with spiky perforations to control end splitting.
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    Locomotive boiler explosion

    I think what impresses me most is the driving wheels having been driven into the ground, along with the rails. And the boiler walls are gone. Yeesh!
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    BNSF-Wabtec battery locomotive

    Norfolk Southern's battery-electric locomotive, NS 999, used an array of lead-carbon batteries (lead acid with spongy graphite cathode plates) made by Axion, I think. I'm reading that the latter went bankrupt, which won't help this project. Hopefully BNSF and Wabtec will have better luck...
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    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    Likewise, missed your regular postings of Edmonds and train traffic. I'm wondering where those super-sized Boeing boxes are headed. They look outsized for the loading gauge and must have travel restrictions. Perhaps they can make it as far as Renton and the Boeing 737 assembly plant there?
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    British freight hauled by locomotives built in the USA

    Loading gauge in some countries like Britan can be much smaller than the U.S., even if the track gauge is the same. Tunnels can be particularly tight hence the very rounded roofs.
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    Eritrea 2018 - 15: Mallet Double Header Finale (50 p.)

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