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    Why difference in ride? (Track quality)

    Typically and traditionally, around 15mph is one of those magic points where rocking can get really bad on jointed rail. The one time we ever took the BRSR equipment faster (on a combined trip w/the TVRM around the "Eye" of the Hook and Eye) it smoothed right out when we got above 15mph. On...
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    How close do tracks get to one another?

    Remember, on a curve, the centers of the car will be offcenter ... the longer the car, the more offcenter the center will be. This might not be a problem with a 40' hopper, but imagine how much greater the offset on an 80' autorack might be? If the tracks are too close, the offset center of...
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    Crossing arm/light activation

    Note, also, that signals have a timeout, which allows them to release the lights/gates if a train is within the detection zone, but is not actually moving. That's how you can nose right up to a crossing and stop, and the gates will time out and go back up. Soon as you move again, they go right...
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    Electricity created by dynamic braking fed back into US grid?

    Now that's the God's honest Truth ... At the power levels under consideration here, making a mistake when attaching to the grid would be ... at best -- spectacular ... at worst -- super spectacular (we're talking "Modern Marvels Engineering Disasters" level)
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    Electricity created by dynamic braking fed back into US grid?

    Frequency and peak matching isn't as hard as you think it is ... generators do it automatically all the time when latching onto, and off of, the grid.
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    Do wheel flanges ever contact switch guard rails?

    The trains (locomotives + cars) should (emphasis on SHOULD) be heavy enough that the wheel taper self-centers the axles so they in theory shouldn't hit the guardrail. The reason you notice it in the small track cars is they're very very short wheelbase (and smaller wheels), and extremely...
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    Do wheel flanges ever contact switch guard rails?

    I don't know about trains ... but I can tell you for absolute surety that I've run my Fairmont MT-19 through guarded switches (and diamonds) ... and absolutely felt the guard rails "grab" and "guide" the wheels. You probably just can't feel it in a train.
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    What decides how many locomotives for a train?

    Seen that too, but on a much larger scale ... used to fly to Orlando a lot for work ... would fly back on Fridays. Friday = arrival day for lots of people doing 3 day mouseworld vacations ... So this giant 777 would be sitting there, with 10 passengers, back to ATL ... where it would depart...
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    Volunteering for Railroad Museums

    Bear in mind, also ... the public face might say "Train crew opportunities are very rare" ... But trust me - the train crews are watching. They're looking for that younger guy they can bring into the fold, since at most museums the crews are folder folks. But they're gonna pick the younger...
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    Loco Windshield Wipers Question...

    I ran into that getting new spark plug wires for my Fairmont MT-19 ... walked in with the old ones, asked for "new ones just like it" ... The computer wouldn't allow the sale without a make/model and engine type being entered. Well, the only Fairmont in an auto parts store's computer is...
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    Saying Hey From Atlanta

    If you like tourist railroads, have you been up to Blue Ridge?
  12. BRSR pauses between trips

    BRSR pauses between trips

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