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  1. otlocal


    CN grain train N/B with CN2260/2586,out of BEND,OR,about 20:30,snuck by me:mad:
  2. otlocal

    UP 7912 Fresh Paint No Flag

    I kinda like it with no flag, (i think?)i'd like to see a few more pictures of them.
  3. otlocal

    Comment by 'otlocal' in media 'WB Potash at Marshall, WA'

    l like this one,the blank face are knida nice
  4. otlocal

    Comment by 'otlocal' in media '005_5'

    She's been scraped or sold,sorry i didn't get to your question sooner.
  5. otlocal

    Wishram Fire

    Cliff's/Thanks for the pix!...Really explains it perfectly..D/OT
  6. otlocal

    Wishram Fire

    Fire in,or near Wishram, Wa.,burning at this time don't know how close it is to rail yard,but i wonder if they will man their ,Command Center caboose and go after it.:eek:
  7. otlocal

    6936 Centennial West

    I like it to,heck as a matter of fact,i'll take anything in the ""DD"style.Heck of a shot!
  8. otlocal

    3x CN SD75I on empty grainer on BNSF OT Sub.

    There's also a VAN/KIN,that is a grainer that runs down the OT,GATEWAY Subs,and south,it was mentioned in a thread,here somewhere.If I hear about about any of these guys,i'll give a heads up.
  9. otlocal

    UP 7200 east w/FXE 4601

    I like the 8118,looks alittle blank on the front, but i kinda like it like that.
  10. otlocal

    Comment by 'otlocal' in media 'ALCO/PA'

    Correction/my oops.Should be Alco Fa
  11. ALCO/PA


    Grand Cayon RR,Alco PA/EX VIA, Ready to depart Williams,AZ for the Grand Canyon on it's first run of the day.
  12. otlocal

    Comment by 'otlocal' in media 'H39 or H43'

    I like the colors and light in this,almost Maxfield Parish type light.
  13. otlocal

    California Zephyr Nevada wreck

    It seems that Amtrak, has been down this road before,concerning faulty equipment,flammable materials,carbuiders etc.and i would think Amtrak ,has some type of insurance and contingency for just this kind of accident,and i wouldn't think that they would be ready to write big fat checks just like...
  14. otlocal

    Can the track to the siding head straight ahead from a curve?

    Curved switchs are bad news,nobody i know likes them.Maybe some of the MoW, guys on here can give you all the particulars as to why.I would think it would put stress on the points.And alignment problems i think are a factor,but maybe a ''Gandy''could give us a little more on this.
  15. otlocal

    3x CN SD75I on empty grainer on BNSF OT Sub.

    Very good Rob,that's funny as hell.,LOL.I counted atleast 10,and that's only the ones i counted,yesterday was most likely a recent record.I wonder if ES44, is getting any work done down there,...Ballard Bever,i heard that a train ,like the "Seattle Baretable"you mentioned left Bend,around...
  16. otlocal

    Interesting Train on the Seattle Sub

    Yup,it shows a Vancouver/Kings Park,Ca ,job according to my book.
  17. otlocal

    Interesting Train on the Seattle Sub

    Sounds like one of the Grain trains,we been talking about in another thread.
  18. otlocal

    3x CN SD75I on empty grainer on BNSF OT Sub.

    The thumb nail has the 5613,would this be the train i'm looking for ,or is it the 5713?


    Sensor sizzling track inspection lights of the Engineering special
  20. otlocal

    3x CN SD75I on empty grainer on BNSF OT Sub.

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