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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Gone fishin'

    All to be scrapped in the new future...
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Green & White'

    Go Transit MP40PH-3C 655 built around 2010. Part of batch 648-656.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'UP Megamix'

    Nice. Much better then those SP patched up units I caught in Canora last spring.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Fog & Frost CP Rail #9663'

    That just looks great! I can't wait to stop there for the holiday train!
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Preserved RS-3s'

    Don't forget the faux GN RS-1 at the West Coast Railway Association.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Elevator Switch'

    Just noticed this line is up for abandonment...the remains of the Arcola subdivision.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'A Dash 8-41c on the CN PNL'

    I wouldn't dismiss HBR so quickly. They still serve Tolko in The Pas and I'd assume still serve Hudson Bay Minerals for their zinc concentrator in Flin Flon. HBR also provides producst for many rural communities as I saw first hand through watching several flatbed cars get loaded with Betty...
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Elevator Switch'

    I was standing right there excatly one week two weeks ago!
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'CTRW Sisters in action'

    Yeah I caught them coming into town in the early evening. Interesting set of cars too.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Monday CN 853'

    Nice catch. Gotta love the trailing unit's North American logo.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Soo #6054'

    Great catch, gotta love the Soo line units. Steven, its not a GE unit, its EMD.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'LP-Tanker'

    We get a couple hundred of those tankers every month to just sit in storage. Branchlines are used to store those cars many km out of town. You'll also see the ones with the 'remove' decal placed over the load type.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Empty Grain Eastbound'

    There is something very awe inspring about a sunset grain train. Perhaps its because in the morning you'll rise to find cereal that is derived from the same grains found on those very trains.
  14. CTRW derailment Nov 2009

    CTRW derailment Nov 2009

    In an attempt to add a photo at least once a week, I thought I'd start with one from last year. Carlton Trail was just entering the Prince Albert yard with a load of grain, when the last three cars jumped the rails and carved a nice groove in the pavement. Several hundred feet of track had to be...
  15. CTRW 1006 working the yard

    CTRW 1006 working the yard

    With 1006 back on the roster, CTRW has resorted to using her and her sister 1004 to do yard switching. When it comes time for a trip to S'toon, they'll incorporate 1064 into an odd CTR-OKAN-CTR lashup.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'Moose jaw, SK'

    The deadline is gone you say? Well its good I got down there and got some photos last summer.
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'CN Old Units'

    What I meant by my comment was the unit power with the hoppers and box cars, just in case my comment was a little misleading :P
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'CN Old Units'

    Reminds me of a pre-1997 Prince Albert/Saskatoon train..
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    Comment by 'KermitC' in media 'CN Chappell train gearing up'

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