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    RRB Unemployment and Sickness Benefits SLASHED

    He needs to keep his fingers out of my pocketbook. On the other hand, I will hand her my pocketbook without batting an eye. I like bumpy rides.
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    Getting hired by NS

    What are you people smoking? Most employers have strong nepotism rules, and even stricter regulations from government entities that regulate employment. I am willing to bet none of you could ever substantiate such claims of employment irregularities.
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    Amtrak vs. Southwest Airlines

    No, but it might have to do with the water at home. Those of us familiar with aviation know, when you see a discount name, you get discount treatment. No ups, no extras. And since on most legacy carriers, a checked bag may cost one $25 or more, there is no way you get Super Deluxe...
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    UP Super Bowl Special

    I am sure this kind of thing, being public and all, gets back to those in charge, as they always do. Anyone else you want to rat out?
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    UP Super Bowl Special

    Ahhh someone was tresspassing. Allan, you know better than that. Need we send someone over to explain it again?
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    UP Super Bowl Special

    Power UP 951, UPB 963, UP 949, UP 1988, UP 2010.
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    Host For Train Show

    There is a gal in St. Paul who would fit the bill. She was known here as Kevin Larson. Nice voice, knows Railroading.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Conductor CP Rail #9776'

    I will call Montreal in the morning and talk to E-Diot himself. Worry not Tyler.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Conductor CP Rail #9776'

    Actually, he does have three point contact. Two cheeks and his foot. Technically, it is the same as riding a flat car.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Yard engines'

    What a shame, they should be back at Battle Creek getting a well needed rehab. Alas, the yard and shop there are no more.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'SD9060 under construction at GM-EMD'

    Interesting to see what it looked like before it hit the road. And she works as intended.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Down the street in Michigan City Indiana'

    Please by all means keep showing these fine images from back then, and other places. The spice of life is variety.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Metra Commuter Train passing the remains of the Englewood Depot'

    A tribute to those of us too young to remember Englewood in her prime time. sic transit gloria mundi
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'NPBL'

    Those look too nice to be GP15's. Interesting image.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Heading home'

    Outstanding. Did you all notice the rail under that beast? Yikes. Of course I do realize it is part and parcel of the telephoto. I like the effect though.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Coulped'

    How odd that the glad hands are wrapped. Any particular reasoning?
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Good Bye!'

    Something you do not see much of anymore.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Friday the 13th'

    Looks to be a warm day in da Range, I see the Air Conditioning is on full.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'Fallen and Can't Get Up'

    Hello Yardmaster, we found that UPFE 460497, butI think someone in billing has this one screwed work order sez to spot this up for loading.
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    Comment by 'RRKen' in media 'UP Centennials near Raton'

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