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    Circus train

    The Ringling brothers, Barnum, and Bailey circus train is leaving argentine within the next half hour westbound headed for Colorado Springs, CO. The lead engine is BNSF 4822. The train is going via emporia sub to ellinoir then off to the lajunta sub via newton. Train is J TULCSP1 02a. Train...
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    AT&SF Time Clock

    I have an ATSF time clock I would like to get more info on if anyone has any. All I really know about this clock is it is an actual Santa Fe time clock. It has a sticker in it from Santa Fe time service department saying it was cleaned 9-14-55. I also have 4 unused Santa Fe time cards with it...
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    BNSF remote control SD60M

    Its actually not that bad to switch with in rco.
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    BNSF remote control SD60M

    It looks like they just painted it like an SD40-2.
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    BNSF remote control SD60M

    That's the one we are testing in argentine yard it's the 8131. I like the cab but that's about it the sd40-2s we use now are alot better to switch with. The 8131 just doesn't load quick enough and respond quick enough for rco and it couldn't shove the hump by itself
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    BNSF remote control SD60M

    Aparently BNSF is wanting to replace the SD40-2s they have for remote control with rebuilt SD60Ms. We have had one in the bowl and hump at argentine this week testing it and BNSF has at least 5 other sd60m headed to have rcl equipment added
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    Amtrak 4 with a BNSF leader

    Amtrak #4 just arrived in newton at 0730 with a BNSF leader and looked like a wide cab GE third out I couldn't tell the number of any of the units and dint really know the schedule so I can't tell you how late it is
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    Comment by 'Conductor Rees' in media 'BNSF Track Geo train'

    Thats just one of our new motors built in the end of this year. But it does look good
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    26 unit light power move

    Yes, they have been retired and sold along with several that are stored at Topeka, but thats all i know of
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    26 unit light power move

    Eastbound out of Wellington, KS headed to KC at 1201. Leader BNSF 4311, 7794, LTEX 2414, 2561, 2516, 2443, 2441, 2409, 2466, 2574, 2430, 2573, 2558, 2445, 2530, 2578, 2563, 2580, 2519, 2446, 2535, 2466, 2470, 2442, DP BNSF 4328, 7325. Pretty sure it will go via Newton on the Arkansas and Lajunta...
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    Ferromex on the BNSF

    We are very short on power they are using whatever they can get their hands on.
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    Topeka, KS 8/5/2011

    That old caboose sits there all the time. Dont need it since there they let em use a double hooker set for the yard and pauline switcher.
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    BNSF MAC's in H3

    I have seen some around that have been painted in h3. And I would rather have a mac than an NS but the MACs we catch need to be rebuilt. And we catch MACs alot.
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    BNSF MAC's in H3

    Itd be better if they just retired them all.
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    Loco Windshield Wipers Question...

    You can make them intermittent depending on how much you want to turn them on and off lol
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    Nicknames for Railroads

    BNSF: Buffett's New Santa Fe
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    BN Rotary Snow Plows

    199361 is still parked in Topeka and is operational according to a friend in the shops but that was years ago but is retired. It can be seen from the road at the north of the shop yard.
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