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  1. run8

    Unusual car

    Sounds like a scale test car. Did it look something like this...
  2. run8

    Railroad Sign Questions (Pictures)

    1. Flanger sign 2. Whistle board 3. Station one Mile and Railroad crossing (Erie RR?) 4. Spring Switch 5. Restricted Limits 6. Flanger sign?
  3. run8

    Bnsf 1551

    It's in Topeka KS as of 042111, Laid Up Bad Order.
  4. run8

    BNSF Dash-8 in Bend, OR on OT Sub.

    Maybe they plan on using it in a scenario to help the fire department learn to fight a locomotive fire. :D
  5. run8

    Westbound grainers over Stevens Pass.....

    What I remember from the last couple of years is that guys didn't want you to ride with them because odds were something would happen when you were on board. ;)
  6. run8

    BN loco on Two Medicine Bridge

    I don't know, it looks like a santa fe car to me.
  7. Cascade Concrete

    Cascade Concrete

    A vehicle train slips under the signal bridge at the west end, as Merritt gets another layer of Cascade Concrete.
  8. run8

    EMD's Other AC's

    The AC designation implies that the unit is fitted with an alternator and rectifier instead of the usual DC transmission. You are right about the AC's coming before the straight GP/SD-38 and the dash 2 models. The GP-38AC models were produced in 1971, and the SD-38AC were produced from...
  9. run8

    Ridley Terminal Coal Train

    According to the lineup, the E-NWEDKM0-02A is showing to arrive in Auburn around 0111 tomorrow morning.
  10. run8

    New Prince Rupert export coal train

    CN coal train left Auburn yard at 1205.
  11. run8

    New Prince Rupert export coal train

    The second CN coal train will be heading north out of Auburn around 1200 today. The switch crew will throw out a bad order then had it over to the 0900 K crew to take to Everett.
  12. run8

    New Prince Rupert export coal train

    Looks like the power is on the M-PRGEVE1-20 showing at Swift at 1330, so I would guess tomorrow morning sometime. The power will be: CN 8840 CN 8803 CN 8861 CN 2253
  13. run8

    Ridley Terminal Coal Train

    They are swapping the power at Auburn due to capacity restrictions at Thornton Yard, or so the CN says.
  14. run8

    New Prince Rupert export coal train

    Judging by the shadows, you showed up just after I finished conditioning the power for DP. The power is for C-DKMNWE0-03 due into Auburn around 2100 tonight. The C-DKMNWE0-01 is due in aorund 1800 tomorrow.
  15. run8

    Ridley Terminal Coal Train

    The normal routing for these trains is through Sweet Grass, MT (BNSF-CP-CN); there is some maintenance that needs to be done on the Sweet Grass Sub first. The memo I read said that they would be running up here for the next month or so. I'm not sure how many trains a week but the line up is...
  16. run8

    Ridley Terminal Coal Train

    C-DKMNWE0-02 (Decker, MT to New Westminster, BC) is at Auburn and has been worked by the carmen. The power will be in a 3x1 configuration; this is how the CN said they want it set up. The 1800 Tacoma K crew is scheduled to take the train north to Everett this evening. The next Decker train is...
  17. run8

    Loaded Grain Trains Returning to the Scenic Sub

    Unlike the UP in the Blues, the Scenic sub hasn't see the big tonnage until recently. So yeah, it is a "huge deal" to see big trains like that up on Stevens. :D
  18. Shoving Hard

    Shoving Hard

    Shoving hard on the rear, only the two 6600's are on line.
  19. Still Moving

    Still Moving

    Two GE techs watch as we roll the train by.
  20. CHEESE


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