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  1. GHLines

    "Exempt" Signs...Should They Be Mandatory?

    Personally, I believe the "stop and proceed" policy is dated and unsafe, unless vision at the crossing is obstructed. Also, sometimes "exempt" crossings see use by motorcars.
  2. GHLines

    Abandoned steam locomotive on CPR’s BIG Hill.

    @ eja, Most tubes are steel...
  3. GHLines

    Anybody have a train tattoo?

    I had similar thoughts til i came up with putting my name in an NP Monad, then modifying the Mainstreet slogan below it.
  4. GHLines

    Google-fanning the Whittier Tunnel in Alaska

    I had this crazy idea tonight to check Google street view and it seems to have payed off!
  5. GHLines

    Has ABS ever been used for locomotives or cars?

    I believe Talgo uses ABS...
  6. GHLines

    old stevens pass route and original Cascade Tunnel

    Ah hell, lets just call the whole thing off and rebuild Snoqualmie :p
  7. GHLines

    Post Unusual Grade Crossing Signal configurations here:

    No. The Road comes into the rail. The Question is, do trains have to stop at the red light, or do the autos have to be FRA certified to use that lane ? :P
  8. GHLines

    Alignment Control Couplers

    As Aaron said, check with the hauling railroad. They might be willing to work with your museum. What would be the possibility of transporting by flactcar?
  9. GHLines

    Weyerhaeuser line torn up

    Will any of the rail be available for purchase, or do the already have a scrap sale signed off?
  10. GHLines

    Hello from Renton,WA and Question about Tacoma Rail Re-built from KXHR 40, nee B&O 4058.
  11. GHLines

    KOMO TV4 Seattle Rail Security 11/7 @ 11pm

    Ok, now I am curious, what type of security does Fisher Plaza (KOMO headquarters) have? Apparently any jackass can get a news job now :p
  12. GHLines

    KOMO TV4 Seattle Rail Security 11/7 @ 11pm Such Irresponsible journalism.
  13. GHLines

    KOMO TV4 Seattle Rail Security 11/7 @ 11pm

    Newer GE's have factory satteliite start. They can start any unit (GE) from Erie.
  14. GHLines

    EMD's New Passenger Locomotive
  15. GHLines

    Reminder: MRSR to Tacoma - August 26 and 27

    Who is brngin the chainsaw, lifeboat, and shovel? :p
  16. GHLines

    Weyerhaeuser H12-44 #1 in New Home

    Wont take many start ups to dirt that ceiling unfortunately :p
  17. GHLines

    Reminder: MRSR to Tacoma - August 26 and 27

    I will do my best to catch up with ya. Also of note, Progress Rail is full of Locis and cars. Surprised I havent seen any pictures of the Chessie unit on here.
  18. GHLines

    TacomaRail in Olympia

    It has been there since at least May.
  19. GHLines

    Do you think EMD will ever build a DD90ACe?

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