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    Carmen, What is it?

    Looks like a load/empty sensor for when the brakes are applied. These things are a great benefit as they can limit the amount of air put into the cylinder during heavy brake applications. Wheels are a lot less likely to skid with these, when they are working properly
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    Questions Re: Stock Cars in Winter

    Animals do fine sitting in the fields all winter. I've heard from some of the old guys at work that the animals were treated better than the employees. The railroads were more than happy to get rid of them.
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    Questions about working for CN in western Canada

    Feel free to have him or yourself email me. I can answer all your questions in better time and more detail. I work in western Canada so I should be able to answer most of them.
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    CN Candidate pool

    Canada or U.S.?
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    what do track lights tell

    Those are VERY different from Canadian signals.
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    Red end of train device

    And it just takes about 15-20 minutes of air to it to charge it up. That happens quite often if the SBU is not plugged in to an electrical outlet when not on a train.
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    Tall height cargo question CN from Winnipeg to Toronto

    They most certainly do run double stacks on their mainline.
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    Operative question about Amtrak crew

    Or you could be VIA and have 2 engineers and a Service Manager. The #2 engineer does all the 'conductor' work outside.
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    CN or CP?

    I am assuming you're in Montreal and CPHOG is mistaking Amtrak for AMT. CN and CP pay by the mile in Canada. To work for AMT I imagine you need to hire out of Montreal which means you should go with CN. You'll be in the yard for a while until you can hold the road. You get trained as...
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    CN Diesels South of the Border

    I think it's absorbed into CN. The FRA card showws owned and operated by CN. IC for example shows owned by IC and operated by CN. I think it has something to do with the different countries. BC Rails collective agreements still exist.
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    CN Diesels South of the Border

    It is improper to identify a locomotive or car that holds reporting marks other than CN as a CN piece of equipment. When you see an IC, GTW, BLE, DMIR, EJE etc car or locomotive you identify it as such even though it is owned by CN. The BCOL engines and cars are no different. They are...
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    CN Diesels South of the Border

    Former BC Rail units? Pretty sure they're still BC Rail units.
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    CN employment question

    I find it odd that they'd send you to Ontario for that.
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    CN employment question

    Sudbury! They might be looking for you to go to a Northern Ontario terminal if you're going way out there. Did they say for what position? Call one of the people that deal with that and see if you can get any more information. Get whatever you can and if you are still interested...
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    CN employment question

    That is a little strange that they wouldn't get back to you. They've hired TONS of guys here in Winnipeg over the past couple of years.
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    CN employment question

    They will take applicants that live closer to the terminals they are hiring for before they take someone from the other side of the country.
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    CN employment question

    They need guys all over Canada. It may have to do with your current location.
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    Winnipeg streaming cam Here is one of the flood cams in Winnipeg that over looks the Red River at the Forks. It's only a temp cam but it's streaming and you can see: CN's incoming trains from the west CN's westbound...
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    CN conductor aptitude test

    In Canada you only go on mandatory rest if you have more than 10 hours on duty. If you have less than 10 hours on duty you can go right back to work and work up to your 18th hour without rest. After 18 hours or two trips back to back you go on an automatic 8 hours off at the home terminal and 6...
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    Comment by 'Chris de Vries' in media 'CN Miniota'

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