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  1. Royal Hudson 2850

    Dirtiest/Cleanest Diesels?

    It depends if locomotives spend a lot of time in tunnels and coal service will determine how dirty they get. Here in British Columbia we have both.
  2. Royal Hudson 2850

    SVI (E&N) Parksville Turn - May 3, 2013

    E & N stands for Esquimalt & Nanaimo
  3. Royal Hudson 2850

    A Perfect Winter (Steam) Day II (50 p., 1 v.)

    I agree whole-heartedly brad, absolutely great shots. I'm envious that we don't have steam running in the colder months, the colder air seems to hold the steam better and prolonging the effect. Roni does steam run all year in that area.
  4. Royal Hudson 2850

    Royal Hudson Steam Train remembered

    At this time the 2860 sits and waits for the West Coast Railway Association to raise $150,000 to get the boiler work done to get certified which has to be done every five years. The firebox looks pretty good, as I had an opportunity to climb into the cab this past July at the PGE/BCR centenary...
  5. Royal Hudson 2850

    hello from MD

    Hello and welcome from Coquitlam, British Columbia (Vancouver suburb).
  6. Royal Hudson 2850

    New Cascades Talgo

    They don't deserve Cascades paint scheme, school bus yellow is the only color for them.
  7. Royal Hudson 2850

    Heads Up People

    This is a warning to let you know those computer scammers are at it again. These are the one claiming to be from Microsoft Tech support and saying your computer has a virus or some other problem. These people will try to get you to 'run' something but all they want is to gain remote access to...
  8. Royal Hudson 2850

    Oakway 9001 Spotted in St. Louis

    I managed to capture 3 between August 28, 2011 and November 23, 2011 units were 9025, 9026, and 9063. EMDX 9063 was pulling BNSF geometry train thurough New Westminster, BC. I report that paint on all three units is in great shape. Here is 9063 since it is the best quality shot.
  9. Royal Hudson 2850

    5 teens caught on trestle

    These young people have learned a very realistic and severe lesson on railroad safety and the reasons you shouldn't trespass on RR property. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased and the critically injured. I hope these teens will consider the consequences before...
  10. Royal Hudson 2850

    NREX 1101 on the move

    It looks like it could be one of NRE's E series locomotives
  11. Royal Hudson 2850

    Retired BNSF GP39's

    From May until September I managed to capture 6 GP39E/M's in New Westminster, BC, so they are still out there. They have been used for switching and running SRY transfers.
  12. Royal Hudson 2850

    Question about tank cars

    It depends on the owner of the car, I have photos of what you are describing and these car are designated for carrying Hydrochloic Acid or any other types of acid. Nest time you see these cars look to see if the designated cargo is printed on the side of the car (usually the right side).
  13. Royal Hudson 2850

    CP 8888 leading BNSF n/b on OT Sub. 5-08-11

    I too have yet to capture 8888, I have all of the other 8880's one day I will capture it.
  14. Royal Hudson 2850

    Coors Light Silver Bullet Express

    Great job in following that unique train. Good variety of shots I really like the second night shot, also can't beat horses and trains together. Nice capture on the repainted RMR coach.
  15. Royal Hudson 2850

    Comment by 'Royal Hudson 2850' in media 'CP 40' box in 2008'

    Last week I shot 3 consecutive CP 40' boxcar, all of them had signs of being converted to MOW service, and within the past couple of weks I also shot a couple of old pressure unloading hoppers one of them bearing the script font.
  16. Royal Hudson 2850

    Comment by 'Royal Hudson 2850' in media 'BCOL log car?'

    CP also has dedicated log car as well, nice to catch one out there.
  17. Royal Hudson 2850

    Comment by 'Royal Hudson 2850' in media 'A Cold Lonely Night In Kannapolis'

    That is an awesome night shot. To me thats a framable photo, heck it would make a great calendar shot. nicely done!!!!!
  18. Royal Hudson 2850

    Comment by 'Royal Hudson 2850' in media 'Starting the Climb'

    Thats a great shot, you can see the headend is starting another part of the climb and you can see where the train came from, showing the extent of the climb.
  19. Royal Hudson 2850

    Comment by 'Royal Hudson 2850' in media 'CP 8651_102 @ Neys'

    Nice overhead shot. Nice to include the bridge amonst the fall colors up against the cliffs.
  20. Royal Hudson 2850

    Comment by 'Royal Hudson 2850' in media 'Bright autumn morning'

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