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  1. TCJim

    BNSF track projects, WA State 2014

    My concern is with people walking on the platform at the station. Unless they can hear the wayside horns, will the engineers have to blow the horn anyway if walkers are too close?
  2. TCJim

    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    The marquee display is the destination. It should have been reading Vancouver BC . Normally it's static, but you never know, someone could be playing with a new feature. Like a new app on a phone.:p
  3. TCJim

    Claim says 'Cascades' trainset in fatal accident had electrical defect

    What will be of interest in the report, given the engineer's statement that he missed the first speed restriction sign and subsequently (possibly) mis-interpreting the second one (at the curve) as the first, is .... Why? They've already 'checked off' the 'No Cell Phone in use', 'No Drugs or...
  4. TCJim

    Trains of Edmonds, Washington

    That's the last thing you want lingering around, a full garbage train on a sunny warm day o_O! Keep that sucker moving!
  5. TCJim

    KOMO News Seattle covers Amtrak Accident Victim Recovery

    Now has their story:
  6. TCJim

    KOMO News Seattle covers Amtrak Accident Victim Recovery

    "If it bleeds, it leads" Ratings, ratings, ratings. Besides, it's Amtrak, - conservative America's whipping boy.
  7. TCJim

    A quirky crossing

    Just looked on Google Maps, the Newton Road station is actually off to the right. It's the end of the line for the Norfolk "The Tide" light rail line, and is single track. This might just be a timing issue of two train movements causing the crossing gates to act that way.
  8. TCJim

    A quirky crossing

    I wonder if he thinks the second time the auto (articulated) gate comes down is a malfunction. The problem is that the video does not continue on seamlessly from that perspective. The clue might be in the second clip where the train comes from the opposite direction after the first train. If...
  9. TCJim

    Pacific Parlour Cars Make Their Last Journey

    The problem is that if you make the train riding experience as bad as the airlines, what's the value of the train? The travelling public's choice will be to go to their cars, even though from an accounting standpoint the train is cheaper for the traveler in most cases. The new Amtrak CEO needs...
  10. TCJim

    Amtrak Cascade Derailment at Dupont, WA

    Have you spoken to the engineer since the derailment, Bob? I can't imagine this hasn't affected him.
  11. TCJim

    Empire Builder: Why the Variation in Train Lengths?

    I've noticed that in winter a sleeper was regularly dropped, but now it appears one of the coaches has also been cut. Funny how much of a difference that makes, isn't it?
  12. TCJim

    Seattle's King Street Station restoration

    I'm disappointed Anubis is gone. :mad:
  13. TCJim

    Hassles of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak

    It would more lucrative to invest in one of the new toll facilities being constructed on some of the regional highways for congestion relief. The customers would make for a nice captive audience.
  14. TCJim

    New Cascades Talgo

    In that TRAINS article, he mentions that it looks like Mater from the animated movie CARS.
  15. TCJim

    Hassles of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak

    April, On what? The tarmac? In a car in bad traffic/weather? I'd make the assumption you're talking about the train, but you never know.
  16. TCJim

    Off to the races!

    Looks like #14 beat #28 to Vancouver.
  17. TCJim

    F59 all wrapped up ... like King Tut

    It's advertising the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle.
  18. TCJim

    Life on the Rail

    Striking a trespasser.
  19. TCJim

    Amtrak vs. Southwest Airlines

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