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    [GER/SLO/HR] 2020 in 52 Pictures and Cabview´s

    Hello, I will show you, a lot of photos from 2020. For cabviews see below. 15th January 261 104 with a local freight train from Hannover Linden to Bad Salzdetfurth near Wesseln. A half an hour later, the local service from Hildesheim to Bodenburg at the same place. 648 191 is one of eleven...
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    [RS/MNE] Railways between tourtles and snakes (now with all photos)

    Hello, after a long time, I will present you photos from my Summertrip to Serbia and Montenegro. We started our planing month before. At first we thought about a roundtrip from Serbia->Montenegro->Albania(->Nordmazedonien)->Serbia. But there was a problem. You can´t drive with a rental car from...
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    [D/HR/BIH]My year 2018 with 72 pictures

    Hello, I wish you all a happy new year. A succesfull year comes to an end. After a rainy 2017, a sunny 2018 followed. Many pictures were taken in Germany and the former Yugoslavia. It was my first visit in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegowina. In Germany I have visit the Marschbahn, the railwayline...
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    [RO] Summertrip to Romania: Old german and french railcars Part 3

    Hello, today I will show you our last photos from Romania. 5th June: At first we looked for a "vulcanizare". The other wheel was down too. We found one a few minutes from our "Hotel", but they don´t speek english and we can´t speek romanish. So I can´t told them about our problem. So I must...
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    [RO] Summertrip to Romania with german and romanian railcars (Part 2)

    Hello, here is part 2 of our summertrip. 2nd June The weather would be bader the next two days, but we do our best to take good photos from the railway Titan Sud (Bukarest)- Oltenita. The railway condition was very good for romanian conditions. 76 2414/2413 and 76 2410/2409 with the...
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    [RO] Summertrip to Romania with Malaxa and other old locomotives (Part 1)

    Hello, 28th May now I will present you my photos from my last summertrip. We visit Romania again. A got friend and I started our trip in Dortmund Airport with a flight to Cluj Napoca. In Cluj Napoca we rent a car for all days. But there was a problem with our car. That was damaged and we get...
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    [RS/RO] Crash-tour in Serbia and Romania in Summer 2016

    Hello, after a long time i have time for a longer Post. We started our tour in Düsseldorf Airport. We take a flight to Belgrad an get from SIXT a car. Our first destination was the region around Sombor. We want to take photos from the class 712/714. This class will be retired soon. But the...
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    [GER] First half year in Germany (25 pic)

    Hello, the first half year I spend mostly in Lower-Saxony. The year began weather technically good, but this summer was in germany bad. It was cloudy, and the temperatures vary. January 9th January: Two class 424/425 with a S2 from Haste to Nienburg (over Weetzen and Hanover) near...
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    [CZ/DE]The second half year with photos from Germany and Czech Republic (38pic)

    Hello, this evening I will show you some photos from the last half year. July On 1st July drives a special train from Cologne to Dresden. I have taken a photo near Hohnhorst. In my hollyday I visit the Czech Republic. That was my first visit in this country. 7th July. 362 057 with a...
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    Romania 2015 - 16: Dacia-Special - Sibiu (50 p.)

    Hallo Roni, sehr schöner Beitrag. Vielleicht verschlägt es mich nächstest Jahr auch wieder nach Rumänien (Momentan schwankt das so zwischen Russland oder eine Rundreise Slowakei/Ungarn/Serbien/Rumänien). Leider wird dort ja wieder ein Kahlschlag gemacht in Sachen Stilllegung. Andererseits bei...
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    [GER/AT] The first half year in Germany (and Austria) 35 pic.

    Hello, today I will show you after a long time a lot of pictures of this year. 155 008 with a mixed freight train by a brigde in Achum near Bückeburg. 14th January 140 539 with 115 114 (cold) and PBZ2453 from Hamburg to Dortmund near Kirchhorsten. 24th January A short visit in...
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    [GER/AT]Decembre - Time to say goodbye (19pic)

    Hello, today I will show you some pictures from this month. At decembre the rail company Erixx startet their passenger transport inthe north-west-Harz. That was the end for the class 218 and the class 628 from DB Regio. Also time to say goodbye from the good, old trains. But at...
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    [RS/RO]One week in the Balkans (34pic)

    Hello, today I will show you some holliday-pictures. I planned this trip since June. I have never been in the ex-Yugoslavia. My last trip to an country outside the EU was years ago (It must be Tunesia 1998). 20th. August: Wennigsen-Berlin Our flight went from Berlin Tegel to Belgrad Nicolai...
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    [GER]Slowly, the summer is coming

    Hello, here are some pictures from the last month. I gave up my job at DB Schenker. Now I am working at another railway-company. 2. February: 115 198, 115 293 and 115 383 with a PBZ in Hannover HBF. 27. February: 114 036 with a local train from Fulda to Giesen in Fulda. 6...
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    Golden autumn, steam, goodbyes and some snow (22pic)

    Hello, after my poland-travel ( ) I will present you some pictures of the last month of 2013 and some pictures of january 2014. 28th septembre: We start with the last tour in septembre, I and a...
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    [PL] One week in Upper Silesia (41pic)

    Hello, From 26th October until 2nd November I was on holiday in Katowice. I have been asked by many friends, why I just do in Poland vacation. Katowice is a city in the "Upper Silesia industrial area" an is located in a coal region. For this you can cheap shopping in Poland. 26th October...
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    [GER/AT]Summer holliday part 3 and some more pictures from august and septembre(20p)

    Hello, here are the last pictures from my summer holliday. 24th July: I decided to visit Austria this summer, but only a day trip. On the way I wanted to spend a few hours in Tüssling. Then I wanted to look for a hostel in Munich. I wanted to take a night train from Hanover to Nuremberg... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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