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    Mega UP power move

    None of those were headed to scrap. All were destined for East St.Louis,Illinois for auction that just took place on October 22. The auction included 54 various UP MP15DC's, MP15AC's and MP15N's as well as 50 C40-8's. Bryan Jones
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    BNSF SD70MACs at Progress Rail

    These units are there for electrical upgrades. The original Siemens inverters and associated equipment are being replaced with Mitsubishi inverters like those used in the SD70ACe. There should be either 6 or 8 SD70MAC's receiving this upgrade this year. Bryan Jones
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    LTEX Dash 8s

    These units are indeed owned by LTE. They purchased a number of B40-8's and C40-8's at a recent UP auction. They are being offered for sale and lease, though I'd expect most to ultimately end up as scrap as most have not operated in several years and would likely require extensive work before...
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    BNSF Renumbering some Dash 9's?

    thats a former ATSF GE C40-8W recently returned to service after having been in storage for a long period of time. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    The A&M is no longer going to be All ALCO

    Not really a "wait and see thing", it was confirmed by the A&M chairman to Trains Magazine for its News Wire. The new units are indeed SD70ACe's and are former EMDX demo units #1201-1203. The units are currently being prepped at the Progress Rail shops in Mayfield,KY. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    Ex ICE GP40-2's on the Toledo Sub

    the former ICE GP40-2's are on lease to CSX. There should be a total of 8 of these HLCX units on CSX. We've had a pair of them bouncing around the Louisville,KY area the past 2 weeks. The lease is due to a shortage of 4 axle power on CSX currently. Originally there were 10 units in this...
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    CSX SD40-2 number 8354. Need information.

    The SD40-3 program is currently on hold, though should resume at some point. They do continue to overhaul and upgrade SD40-2's in-kind however. Another rebuild program which will center around 4 axle power is apparently in the works. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    NEW UP ES44AC Locomotives iding at Erie, PA. 2-14-09.

    there is nothing to be confused about. REPAINTED locomotives do not get the flag. A few did whem it was first adopted but it was then decided that only BRAND NEW units would get the flag. This is still the current policy. Only BRAND NEW locomotives get the flag. This is why you see it on new...
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    Post Your Lucky Numbered Diesels Here

    yes, NS, does have an SD60 #6666. CSX has an AC6000CW #666. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    CSX SD40-3 Question?

    yes, the SD40-3 program is still taking place though there haven't been any completed for a while now. There are several cores sitting at Huntington which are in the rebuild process waiting for completion. Plans are for 300 units to be completed. As for the cab, the original cabs and short hoods...
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    Csx cw60ac

    The CSX AC6000CW's were already heavy units as built and meet the High Tractive Effort criteria that they have specified. No real need for them to be reclassed from CW60AC to CW60AH. In the case of the AC4400CW fleet its another story because there are typical factory specified units and then...
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    Caterpillar - Owner of EMD Locomotives

    yes, locomotives are being outshopped from the new facility in Muncie,Indiana. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    Railroad slides. Original or not?? Question.

    During since May 2001 when I began shooting slide film I have shot roughly 20,000 slides. During that same time period I bought and/or traded roughly another 5000 slides. My mentor has shot roughly 75,00 slides over the last 28-30 years that he has shot slide film. I do know others that are well...
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    BN/BNSF GP39E/M Engines - Number of Cylinders?

    they retained the original 16-567 blocks and upgraded them with 645 power packs, the end result being rated at 2300hp. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    M&ET Units in Rochelle IL

    Railpower RP20BD gensets, MET #2003 and 2004. 2 additional units are under construction at the NS Juniata Shops. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY
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    Family Lines System Questions.

    regarding the cabooses, they were either built new for Family Lines or came from one of the participating railroads. They were not purchased secondhand from another road if that is what you are asking. Family Lines recieved brand new MP15AC's. The L&N did have 10 MP15DC's, but these were...
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    UP 7912 Fresh Paint No Flag

    With only the exception of a few locomotives when the flag was first adopted by UP, the standard procedure is that repaints do NOT have the flag applied and recieve the UP name spelled out. It was only intended to be used on newly built units. A few units originally delivered with the flag have...
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    Caterpillar - Owner of EMD Locomotives

    By PR program I assume you are speaking of the Progress Rail PR22B, PR30C and PR43C locomotives. Being that they are still operated as separate companies (EMD and Progress Rail) but under common ownership (Caterpillar) its not likely that any of these units will be discontinued. Each caters to a...
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    Do you think EMD will ever build a DD90ACe?

    no, that is totally wrong. a 4300/4400hp AC unit and 6000hp AC unit produce the same amount of tractive effort. The only benefit of the 6000hp versus the 4300/4400hp unit is that the higher horsepower locomotive will pull the same train faster. It will NOT be able to pull more tonnage than the...
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    SD80 to Brazil

    There are no secondhand SD80MAC's available. There are 30 total units, 13 of which are operated by CSX and 17 operated by Norfolk Southern. EMD is supposed to be working on an SD80ACe for Vale. Reports late last year or early this year had 10 such units on order. Bryan Jones Brooks,KY is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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