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  1. Skyliner

    Help with identification. Old sign/marking

    As indicated by Bruce's link above, it appears to be a whistle post. I was going to point out, that ─ ─ ●● is Z in International Morse code. However, almost all US railroads used American Morse, in which Z is: ●●● ● If you think morse code is becoming a lost art, try finding someone who...
  2. Skyliner

    Massive Explosion Seen After Train Derails Near Rock Springs, WY

    I shouldn't jest, but my first thought upon seeing that image was, "The Louisville and Nashville lives!"
  3. Skyliner

    Downtown San Diego: a quick look

    Going through my photo archive, I'll share a quick tour of San Diego from the past few years. My work would occasionally take me to this beautiful city with the wonderful weather on the coast. I was mostly limited to what was within walking distance of my hotel, so unfortunately no freight...
  4. Skyliner

    1875 Rail Route Chicago to Memphis

    To add on to Bill's post above: Before the City of New Orleans (and concurrently after 1946), the Illinois Central Railroad ran the Panama Limited from Chicago to New Orleans. The main difference was that the Panama Limited was an overnight all-sleeper car Pullman train, and the City of NO was...
  5. Skyliner

    Soo caboose

    Hey I can contribute something here. Was going through some pictures yesterday, came across this crummy in Hastings, MN back in 2013. Apparently ICG and MILW weren't the only ones with orange cabooses. 😄
  6. Skyliner

    Las Vegas Monorail pauses construction

    Alright, I'll break the trend and reply on a thread in this sub-forum. As a somewhat frequent visitor to Las Vegas for both work and fun (well at least before this crisis), I'm of mixed emotion on the Monorail. I generally support transit, especially those that use some form of rail. However...
  7. Skyliner

    What is going wrong

    It's hard to say not knowing how your particular camera likes which settings, but I'd start with a lower ISO. If it's a sunny day, I'm usually shooting at 100. Only in low light do I go to 400, and if I'm above that it's because I'm shooting indoors with no flash. You could try a polarizer as...
  8. Skyliner

    Missoula MT: 2011-2018

    Making me dig through my pictures... :) Unfortunately couldn't quickly find one that also included a train. During one of my visits, I was determined to hike the M when I got there, as I only had about a day in town. I started on a chilly afternoon, with light rain falling as I began hiking...
  9. Skyliner

    Missoula MT: 2011-2018

    Alright, so even though the tracks through Missoula are MRL, by far the most frequent trains on the line are orange. A westbound double stack is moments from entering the yard in July 2016. That's Mt. Sentinel on the right, looming over the university campus. There are many great hiking...
  10. Skyliner

    Missoula MT: 2011-2018

    I imagine you're correct. I've never researched what signals MILW used at the end, but based on the appearance, with the colorized red/yellow/green panels, I kinda figured they were added by preservationists. Still nice to help the passers-by recognize what used to be there, however.
  11. Skyliner

    Missoula MT: 2011-2018

    It is indeed. I was gonna save these for the last section, but hey we're flexible. In 1908 Missoula became a two-railroad town when the Milwaukee Road arrived. The new entrant came into eastern Montana roughly between the Great Northern to the north and the Northern Pacific to the south. Through...
  12. Skyliner

    Missoula MT: 2011-2018

    For my second photo essay here, I'll take you to western Montana, in the valley of five mountain ranges. Missoula is the second-largest city in Big Sky country, about 200 miles east of Spokane, and 250 miles northwest of Yellowstone National Park. Located on the Clark Fork River, the town is...
  13. Skyliner

    Around the IC in Central IL, 2000s

    Alright, one more chapter from this series. The next town south of Tolono, IL is the village of Pesotum. Here, US 45, I-57, and the IC/CN mainline all cross. Southbound Illinois service train approaching town with four heritage cars in July 2005. The train will not stop here. I don't think...
  14. Skyliner

    Herzog MOW Equipment

    I can contribute a couple photos on this subject. Here's a couple shots of a Herzog work train idling in Colfax, CA. The town of Colfax is on the UP Donner Pass route, about 50 miles west of the summit, roughly halfway between there and Sacramento. You're probably thinking, "Is it named for...
  15. Skyliner

    Around the IC in Central IL, 2000s

    As promised, here's a few in between Champaign and Chicago. About 8 miles west of Rantoul is the tiny village of Dewey. There's not much besides a Post Office and... ...a grain elevator complex. This spur off the CN main line is what I believe is the last remaining remnant of the Havana...
  16. Skyliner

    Around the IC in Central IL, 2000s

    Ah, Gibson City...the "big city" on 47 between Mahomet and I-55. Unfortunately, I never did much photography up that way; I left Illinois in 2007. However, I did pass close by-- about once a month I would have to drive to Chicago to work, and I had a back-country route that went basically...
  17. Skyliner

    Around the IC in Central IL, 2000s

    Thanks. I'll have to look, I know I've got a few pictures with birds in them somewhere. I lived in Illinois from 1995-2007, downstate the whole time including college, but commuted to Chicago for work the last 4 years. There might have been another nickname, that sounds familiar but I don't...
  18. Skyliner

    Around the IC in Central IL, 2000s

    Round two. The village of Tolono, IL is about ten miles south of Champaign. At the diamond there, CN's main line crosses the NS east-west line. The CN is Illinois Central's original "Main Line of Mid-America" from Chicago to New Orleans. Once double-tracked, it is now single-track through this...
  19. Skyliner

    Loco identification???

    Alright, after some sleuthing online, I found it. That is a Railpower GG20B genset, originally bought by the Bechtel corporation. Loco ID was RPRX 2000. Now owned by S&S Sales and Leasing as SSRX 2000. See here: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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