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  1. maersksealand3329

    Cedar Point's Jennie K.

    I know I havent posted here in a very long time, however I ended up working as a locomotive Fireman on the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad this last summer, so in a sense I lived the dream as it is, but I am asking for some help on behalf of a couple of coworkers Justin Kelsheimer and Brian...
  2. maersksealand3329

    Pittsburgh, PA hotspots

    Due to my upcoming college graduation in June, I need any and all information about Pittsburgh, PA railroad hotspots. Reason being is that I am attending graduation at The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh on the campus there. What trains usually run through, symbols, times, what types? Can I...
  3. maersksealand3329

    Upcoming College Graduation

    Hello everyone, It has been quite a long time since I have been on here, so here is what has happened in the last few years. I still live in Myrtle Beach, SC. Have for the last 4.5 years. I have been in school since September 2011, and now as of January 23rd, 2016, I am officially...
  4. maersksealand3329

    Csx cw46ah

    The last time I saw an AC6000CW was august two years ago in lima, Ohio. Some are getting the heavy upgrade, but not being derated, repeat NOT derated. on the cab side it had CW60AH.
  5. maersksealand3329

    2 chases from the weekend, IORY, NS CSX plus lots of foreign power!

    Where you were at in the NS Gevo shot is just west of the Sumner Ave Road bridge in Toledo, Ohio which for me is my old spot out there. I was hoping you would ahv seen an NS officer out there as him and I know each other from several really good encounters I have had with him. Nice...
  6. maersksealand3329

    Lima to Hamler to Okolona and back to Lima!

    The manifest is likely Q339 and your grainer is is likely G009 or something like that. I used to live in Lima for 15 years, as most of my family is there along with my railfan father. I am hoping that someday you and I can meet up at Flanders Ave, so you can put a face to my screen name...
  7. maersksealand3329

    Ex ICE GP40-2's on the Toledo Sub

    The rack train with the,mixed freight is Q272.
  8. maersksealand3329

    Vomit Bonnet BNSF 9647

    Hard over on loconotes that the Vomit Bonnett 9647 was OOS waiting on an overhaul. Also heard that it might lose the vomit bonnet paint. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. maersksealand3329

    advice for a former trespasser

    Completly agree. Keep it to yourself, and speak of saftey, that really gets the recruters attention.
  10. maersksealand3329

    O. Winston Link research paper

    I have had this assignment, however according to the professor I cannot work on any assignments unless the entire class is on the same page-ie week. Now this is week 3 for me. This is not due until thursday, and there is alot I can find online about O. Winston Link, but I want to throw in...
  11. maersksealand3329

    O. Winston Link research paper

    I have a research paper due on Thursday, and the photographer that I am choosing for this is O. Winson Link. Below is what I have to do for this 800-1000 word research paper: Name of the photographer. The period or era to which the photographer belongs. Why did you choose this...
  12. maersksealand3329

    Burned and bummed

    I have been there and done this quite a few times, one being just last year when someone on here (yes here) decided to post a rant about my material. I nearly walked away from this, having known trains my whole life. It hit me when I saw my dad wearing his conrail shirt with pride that I...
  13. maersksealand3329

    Extreme Trains

    From what I know, Not going to happen. It was cancelled even though it did quite well.
  14. maersksealand3329

    Lima Shay rebuild SN-1643

    Another piece of Lima, Ohio built pride getting refurbished. Fom a native Lima, OHio native, this make me thrilled.
  15. maersksealand3329

    CSX SD40-3 Question?

    The reson is the same as what NS is doing with the Admiral cab. Some of these cabs are so rusted out, and unsafe the cab gets replaced. The other reason-FRA crashworthiness. The site below I think will explain everything that goes into this rebuild...
  16. maersksealand3329

    CSX SD40-3 Question?

    I am sure it is going on. There are to be 250 units by what I have heard.
  17. maersksealand3329

    Csx cw60ac

    I remember shooting CSX 5016 in extremely fresh paint trainling no less in Lima, Ohio last year. The cab side was labeled CW60AH, which I thought was weird.
  18. maersksealand3329

    Csx locomotive roster

    That should be 3000-3064. Order for 65 units, per Chris Toth
  19. maersksealand3329

    Csx locomotive roster

    Right now its just the newer Es44AC's getting the new logo. 950-999 have it, and the newest order will too. I heard rumblings that the newest order will be in the 3000 series. I would tend to think that the rebuilda and repaints would get thois as time allows the new logo to come out.
  20. maersksealand3329

    Night Railroad Photography

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