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    Dumping Radio Shack Scanner For Uniden Product

    For years, I've used RS scanners for catching all the action at home and on the road. Have not been happy with some of the newer RS scanners I purchased. One I purchased turned out to be used and did not work at all. Of course, I discovered this after the allowable return date. I didnt want a...
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    Kalama, Washington signal and track work

    Was up to Kalama a couple of weeks ago. Lots of track and signal work being done. It looks like they are adding a fourth mainline. I emailed BNSF and got a generic non-reply from them. Anyone have deeper knowledge about what's going on there? Would appreciate any additional info you can pass...
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    Uniden BC125 Scanner

    After years of using Radio Shack scanners, I've made the break to Uniden's BC125AT scanner. For less than $150, this thing is incredible. I HATE most of the new scanners, where you have to be a radio wizard to program them. I want to be able to punch in or upload a freq. and text tag and go...
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    Railcom Mobile RR Tuned Antenna

    Got a Railcom Mobile RR Tuned antenna from the Mrs. this year for Christmas. Finally had an opportunity to use it on 01-02-15. Man! What a great product. We glued some felt to the bottom of the base to keep it from scratching the car. It held tight even going up I-5 to Brooks. The antenna did...
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    Carstan's Publications Calls It Quits!

    Friday, August 22nd, Carstan's Publications, home to Railfan and Railroad Magazine and a host of other hobby publications has pulled the plug. Citing "the current economic condition"... Here's the link to their press release about their demise:
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    Railroad Radio Dot Net Website----Down

    Anyone have any information about why is down? Can't raise it for anything. Am able to hear feeds via Brocastify's website. Anyone know what's going on with that site?
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    Sonrisa's New NEBRASKA Rail Fan Guide

    Got mine a couple of weeks ago. Again a great effort from Dave Cooley. Lots of great detail in his maps, as always. I've purchased all of his guides. Even if I dont get to all the states he covers, it still makes for great "armchair" railfanning. If you plan on traveling to Nebraska and doing...
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    Railroad radio website down

    Went there this morning to listen in. Got a GO DADDY notice that the domain name had expired on 09-02-13. Hope whomever is in charge of that website gets the domain renewed. It would be sad if the site wasn't available any longer. If anyone knows who's behind the site---please contact them and...
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    What is the "Red Zone"???

    Look, I know the White Zone is for "loading and unloading only" at the airport. But in railroading, what/where is the "RED ZONE"???
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    Anyone know what happened to Funnel Fan's Columbia River Gorge website?

    Went there tonight and it looks like it's been taken over by some gobbelty gook stuff. Anyone know if Ted went to another URL location? Please advise. Thanks!
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    Kalama, Washington---One Of My Favorite Railfan Spots

    I love railfanning in Kalama. The BNSF double track mainline parallels the Columbia River, and is across from a well maintained city park. There's a pedestrian bridge that goes over the two mains and provides an excellent photo spot for NB and SB traffic. Not only that, but there's plenty of...
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    Sonrisa Dakota Railfan Map Guide

    Recently published, this is one of the most up to date railroad map guides available. Dave told me that since there's been so much interest in the increase in freight traffic, a number of folks have asked him to develop a guide for The Dakotas. $12.00+$2.50 mailing cost. He also informed...
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    Larson RR Freq Scanner Antenna

    Picked mine up today. Attached it to my RS Scanner. HUGE Reception improvement--very sensitive antenna. Helped to reduce some static I got picking up talking detectors, and pulled in PDX/Vanc. radio traffic much better. (I live in Salem). The antenna is available through Ham Radio Outlet...
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    Anyone know how to program Icom V-80 Sport Radio?

    I just bought this radio on the recommendation of Fred Frailey (yes, THAT Fred). I've had some difficulties getting it programmed. Anyone on this forum have any experience programming the ICOM V-80 Sport Radio? I would very much welcome some help and advice. Thanks!
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    New Sonrisa Title by Dave Cooley

    Friend Dave Cooley has published a new railfan map edition, this one for both North and South Dakota. Just ordered mine today. $12+$2.50 s/h. This will be the 10th railroad map edition from Sonrisa. I've enjoyed every one of his volumes. Dave's website is:
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    What replaced the Icom IC-V82 Radio?

    It looks like Icom has discontinued this model. Anyone know what model has replaced it in their product line? I need to get a new scanner. According to Fred W. Frailey, the V82 was the end all, be all to scanner radios. (I know that the V82 is a ham radio). Any suggestions or information...
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    WL&E No Longer Selling ETT to Public

    Visited the Wheeling & Lake Erie RR website today, and noticed they no longer offer their ETT for sale. Guess I was fortunate enough to purchase one in 2010 when they did offer them for sale. Anyone know of any other regionals that offer their ETTs for sale to the public?
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    Empire Builder Service Disruptions

    Anyone know why the EB continues to have service disruptions? Seems like two days in a row they aren't moving anywhere west bound. Maintenance of Way issues? Equipment operation issues? Curious. Anyone fill me in? Thanks.
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    The Railroad Press Magazine

    Anyone know what's going on with The Railroad Press (TRP) Magazine? Their website still shows the Jan-Feb-Mar 12 issue cover. What happened to April-May-June? Are they still in business? Anyone know?
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    Hitting the Tri-Cities this week. Where to go?

    Heading up the Gorge to Kennewick/Pasco for a few days. Would like to throw in some railfanning while I am there. Any suggestions on "must go" places to catch some trains? Places to avoid? Let me know. Thanks! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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