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    Big Boy

    Besides the ungodly price of restoration and maintenance it takes to maintain a big boy, what other reasons are there for not having one in operation? I remember hearing something about them being to large for the curves, but wasn't N&W 1218 bigger than the big boys? And if NS could afford to...
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    Arkansas & Missouri on Cherokee Sub

    Just saw 2 freshly painted (Or new) Arkansas & Missouri Alco's on the cherokee sub. Went by Miami, OK about 15 minutes ago. headed towards Springfield.
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    Boxcar Camping along the narrow gauge

    Steam engines, camping, the rocky mountains, what more could you want?
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    Film Crew In The Gorge

    That was some beautiful scenery there!
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    Comment by 'Dippo' in media 'NS'S Norris Yard'

    That's an odd looking steam engine :p
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    We're Number 1!

    I thought that was a model railroad at first glance! Nice shot.
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    Up844 shiloh limited steam special

    Thanks for the info Brad! Can't wait to see 844 again. What's wrong with the 3985? Hasn't been used since '10 has it?
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    How to use this chart???

    Thank you for that info. This line runs from Tulsa to Springfield, MO. Not much traffic, but the trains come by at a pretty persistent time everyday.
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    How to use this chart???

    If someone could help me understand what this chart shows it'd appreciate it alot. I know it shows train movements over the Cherokee sub, but the lines and "Count" is throwing me off
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    Comment by 'Dippo' in media 'Cascade Green'

    Rare? I didn't even know it was possible! Excellent shot.
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    Video: BNSF Ethanol through the country.

    I decided to test out my new tri pod in the country. So, here's a ethanol train going through a rural crossing in the country.
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    1990s BN Power- Night Shots

    Really like the 2nd shot!
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    How many trains you see a day?

    I didn't keep a chart like that, but I did keep a list of all the trains I see from the time I get back from school, to the time it gets dark. I only did this during the summer and 8th grade. I tried it for the first few weeks of HS but I've been way to busy to keep doing this. Anyway, I wrote...
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    Comment by 'Dippo' in media 'BNSF 4712'

    I feel like I've seen a video of this location somewhere on YouTube. Great shot.
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    Surprises in Kansas City

    Dang, all the good stuff comes when I'm not there!
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    Hello All - First message after joining.

    No unfortunately I have no idea, I don't go there very often, but when I do, there's plenty of traffic. But you're going to see more traffic in Vinita than in Afton.
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    Hello All - First message after joining.

    Hey Mike, I live in Northeastern part of Oklahoma, right by Close to Vinita and Afton Oklahoma, there's a BNSF/UP diamond in Vinita, and a Wye in Afton. Oklahoma has some pretty nice spots.
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    4449 Vancouver to Tacoma

    Man, I love 4449, excellent shots, especially the "Abstract art"
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    Comment by 'Dippo' in media 'Arriving at Chama'

    Beautiful! Look at that sky!
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    Comment by 'Dippo' in media 'MILW_261_KCMO'

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