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    2 PV cars on Train 6 CZ depart GBB 1509 CT 20 JUNE

    Heads up Chicago area heads up chicagoLand fyi, 2 PV on rear of Amtrak trian 6 CZ seen from Galesburg IL Railcam. The 2 pV cars looked like Evelyn and Warren Henry (pullman standard smooth sided). Train 6 Departed Galesburg IL at 309 pm CT 1509 CT WEDS 20 june 2018. ---Daniel
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    SP Cascade -TUnnel 11 OPEN TOmorrow Weds 6-20-18

    It looks like soem VERY GOOD news for SP Cascade subdivions from Eugene OR to Chemult OR. The following Trianorders post says the line is supposed to Open Tomorrow 20 June Weds 2018. This is a LOT sooner than I was expecting this to happen. Lets hope the Tunnel STAYS open I expect UPRR to...
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    Princeton IN CSX Derailment June 17

    Here is a little writeup I found on the major CSX Derailment in Princeton IN on Sunday 17 June 2018: ---Daniel June 18, 2018 - Around 7pm CST Sunday, June 17th, a southbound CSX mixed freight, Q0513-17,(Avon, IN - Waycross, GA) derailed midway into it's train just south of Princeton, Indiana on...
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    WIndmill Blades EB Grand Island NE 1521 CDT 15 JUNE

    WindMill Blades EB Grand ISland NE at 1521--36 CDT --321 pm CDTleader UP 8044. on FRIday 15 June 2018. Just saw on Railsteam Grand Island NE Railcam goine EAST enroute COlumbus NE--FRemont NE. on UPRR Overland ROute mainline
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    WIndmill Blades EB Grand Island NE 1521 CDT 15 JUNE

    WindMill Blades EB Grand ISland NE at 1521--36 CDT --321 pm CDTleader UP 8044. on FRIday 15 June 2018. Just saw on Railsteam Grand Island NE Railcam goine EAST enroute COlumbus NE--FRemont NE.
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    Historic - TEHACHAPI STARLIGHT Time Log - Train 11 of October 23 2005

    For the historic record here is my log of the time performance of the VERY RARE - Amtrak Coast Starlight TEHACHAPI DETOUR of sunday October 23, 2005: Here is a rather rough log of the Time Performance of our detoured Thachapi Loop Coast Starlight train 11 of sunday October 23rd in California...
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    SUrflliner Charger TEST Train SOUTHB 2151 to 2153 at San Juan Cap CA

    Charger locomotive Test trian SOUTHbound Arrived San Juan Capistrano SNC at 2151 and cleared the SNC platform 2153 -05 seconds--9:53 PM PDT. Train ran THURS 7 June, 2018. 2nd had report = Train passed San Clemente at 10:30PM PT gong southbound. EDIT -this Southbound Test trian stopped at FUL...
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    AMtrak train 4 of 7th from LAX by Hesperia CA 2055 PT

    Just FYI Train 4 of 7th from LAX just passed the Hesperia Cajon Rialcams at 855 PM PT 2055 PT . HESPERIA CA is about 5 to 10 miles compass south of VIctorville CA which is about 30 miles south of Barstow CA. This specific train is NOT Trackign on AMtrak tracker and Transitdocs Live Amtrak Map...
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    Railgrinder WEST by SKykomish WA1943 PT

    Just saw a LORAM Rialgrinder train WESTBOUND Deadhead Overhead move pass the new SKykomish Railcams at 1943 PT -743 PM PT WA time on youtube. This trian was Moving Deadhead WESTbound at 743 PM Pacifiic TIme. Heads UP Tacoma Wa and -probbably north Seattle WA area ---Daniel.
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    College World Series

    I have NO inside info myself , my only advice is to keep an Eye ON the official UP Steam twitter and webpage for any announcement on what they wil do next. I really really Sadly Looks like UP steam will NOT be attending the COllege WOrd series in Omaha this year 2018. IF the were attending...
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    Union Pacific Tunnel Collapse in Oregon

    Sadly I did NOT expect any Amtrak detours via Bend OR as there were NO Amtrak detorus in 2008 -Frazier Slide closure. Thank you VErY much BOb for this improved version of Railroadforums. ----Daniel
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    Union Pacific Tunnel Collapse in Oregon

    THis Major tunnel collapse is east of Eugene Oregon and west fo Chemult Oregon. This WILL sadly disrupt the AMtrak Coast Starlight trains 11 and 14. The last official UPRR estimate is for 7 to 10 days. MY OPINION is prepare for a 1 MONTH or More Closure. fyi CHemult Oregon is about 70 miles...
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    Comment by 'daniel3197' in media 'KCSM TRAIN'

    EXCELLENT photo and many many thanks for sharing this !!!
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    Comment by 'daniel3197' in media 'CP 1800-41 WEST'

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this ultra-CLASSIC CP Rail paint job multimark or Pac-man.Most EXCELLENT and SUPERB photo of a very classic era in railroading
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    Comment by 'daniel3197' in media 'Rare Visitor'

    I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your rare photo catch. Thank you VERY much for sharing this historic gem !!!
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    SNOW Forecast for LARAMIE WY on THURS 5-8-14=BigBoy chase

    WOW OUCH !! Look OUT ALL Sherman Hill Chasers for ThURS 5-8-14 for Big BOy 4014 !!!! Weather Underground calls for SNOW--SNOW on the 8th in LARAMIE WY 70 percent Precip chance. LARAMIE WY High 44 F low 29 F That forecast info current as of 4:05 PM Mountain Time Sunday 5-4-14...
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    Derailment at Devils Slide UT per Trainsmag Live Cam 213PM MT==5-4-14

    I will try this post here on RRForums to see if it shows properly Live on the Trainsmag Chase cam for the UP Big BOy , Jim Wrinn found a small Derailment at about 2:13PM Mountain Time on SUN--5-4-14. The UP 8450 east is the involved train at DEVILS SLIDE UT per radio traffic on the video...
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    UP Big Boy on the Move

    Here is a very HANDY -LIVE Google Map APRS Big Boy Tracer from the ham radio folks. use the QUery "STEAM" to track the Big BOy 4014 special train from Colton to Cheyenne. As I post this at 9PM Mountain TIme BIg BOy 4014 is in the MODENA UT area. They are currently running about 4 HOURS late...
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    Union Pacific Corporation Chairman Jim Young: October 24, 1952 - February 15, 2014

    Rest in Peace. My thoughts are with his famly and friends at this difficult time. ---- Daniel
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    Cab Ride videos Rhein River in Germany

    These very very BEAUTIFUL and Scenic videos were taken by someone else but have become some of my favorites. These videos were again taken by some OTHER --very KID soul and posted to youtube for us all to enjoy. I consider this to be a big service as I am unlikely to visit Europe These cab ride... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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