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    BNSF Is Not Repainting Old Units? Really?

    There was a thread recently complaining about BNSF, among other things, not repainting old units in the new orange scheme. Take a look at this old GP39. picture taken 12/31/14.
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    Today's lunch shot

    I've noticed in my area {Seattle-Tacoma) that UP SD70ACes, like your leader there, tend to have strident, very unmelodic horns. Maybe that is what you heard.
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    Why is BNSF not repainting their old diesel locomotives to the new paint scheme?

    There were two Pacific Prides. BN 2075 was Pacific Pride I. It had a mechanical problem (fire?) early on and was replaced by BN 2085, called Pacific Pride II. Both are now lettered BNSF with the original roster numbers. I found a picture of 2075 still in Cascade Green leading a train at...
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    Why is BNSF not repainting their old diesel locomotives to the new paint scheme?

    Come to think of it, BNSF has the only true heritage fleet of the class ones: Three variations of the latest pumpkin puke. Untold variations of the BN green and black (counting white stripes, white face, tiger stripes, etc.). Hundreds of "Executive" SD70MACs. Transition war bonnets with BNSF...
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    Why is BNSF not repainting their old diesel locomotives to the new paint scheme?

    Join the Friends of the BNSF if you haven't already. Tell them the power looks like pumpkin puke. I'm sure the word would get to Warren and changes would be made.
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    Why is BNSF not repainting their old diesel locomotives to the new paint scheme?

    Well, what do you know. My sarcastic post did what I hoped it would do. Stirred up at least a little discussion here. This used to be a great website, but something happened. It kind of died. Maybe this is typical of lots of internet discussion sites. They just kind of run down. Railfans...
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    Why is BNSF not repainting their old diesel locomotives to the new paint scheme?

    Yeah, and why does UP keep using that old yellow we are all so tired of? With that ancient shield on the front, yet. And the US flags getting dirty and tattered on the sides. Should be illegal. And don't get started on NS. Black with a horse? You can't even see the things in the dark. And...
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    No 11 with BNSF

    AMTK 11 out of Seattle today about an hour late with BNSF orange loco on the point leading 2 P42s.
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    New Talgo Train Sets

    I had forgotten the details of the Talgo train ownership. Thanks for the information, Ed and KristopherJ. Neat picture of the new trains at Seattle, Ed. From what I hear I may be the only person in the Northwest who likes them, but I do. I know trains aren't supposed to be cute, but that is...
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    New Talgo Train Sets

    Thanks for the information, Ed. The big WSDOT on the Mt. Jefferson must have fooled me. WSDOT must share in the operations and ownership costs.
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    New Talgo Train Sets

    The states of Oregon and Washington have been paying Amtrak to run Talgo train sets in passenger service between Vancouver, B.C. and Eugene, Oregon for quite a few years. The states own these train sets. They normally run with Amtrak power, which usually consists of an F59PHI or a P42-9 on one...
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    MILW power houses

    South Cle Elum
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    Railfanning Tacoma, Pioneer, and Stielacoom with friends

    Actually, picture 2 was taken at Steilacoom, just south of Sunnyside Park. Pioneer is north of Bridge 14, the drawbridge, adjacent to the Chambers Bay Golf Course, a couple of miles north of Steilacoom.
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    milwaukee road derailment on snoqualmie pass between cedar falls and bandara

    Here is a brief story from the Ellensburg newspaper in 1976 which might be the incident you have in mind.,1410892
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    Kalama, Washington---One Of My Favorite Railfan Spots

    We used to stay in the Port District's RV park. It was very spartan, we never used the restroom, but it had hookups. Just a two lane road separated you from the double track main. The night wake ups were something else. With the river on the other side, it was a lot of fun. But alas, I've...
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    Railfan Harassment

    I see the Axxhole troll who started this thread and keeps feeding it hasn't given up his fun yet. Thankfully this site has become basically moribund and no one much reads it. What a blight on railfans.
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    New Sound Transit (Seattle) Locomotive

    The 921 and 923 were double heading southbound through Dierenger about 11:00 Friday the 15th. I saw someplace they had purchased three of these. So if that is true they are all here and running.
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    New Sound Transit (Seattle) Locomotive

    SDRX 922, a 4000 horsepower Motive Power MP40PH has been testing on the BNSF line that Sound Transit runs on south of Seattle. This picture was taken at Auburn on 3/1/13.
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    Vomit Bonnet BNSF 9647

    Here is the best I have of it. Tacoma in 2002.
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    Well cars missing from the old MLW main between Maytown and Centralia, WA...

    A mix of well cars and center beams disappeared from the Veazy Spur out of Palmer Junction on the Stampede Sub a few weeks ago. Thinking back, that was about the same time new occupancies showed up on ATCS Mon at Bristol and Pomona. Coincidence, I suppose. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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