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  1. stlgevo51

    BNSF Southern Transcon Visit

    The Missouri segment of the Transon is so cool! The ATSF signal bridges are still standing (not for long) and there are many nice angles. The bridge at Bayport Road is really cool. It's a shame they are taking it down.
  2. stlgevo51

    Chasing the Monongahela Through Illinois Cornfields

    It's been a while since I've posted photos on here, so I'm behind. I won't post all of my recent stuff, but feel free to go to my Flickr page to check out photos of NS and Amtrak heritage units, a plane-railfan flight, and BNSF at Essex, MT. However, I will post one of the best heritage unit...
  3. stlgevo51

    Kansas City Southern through Central Missouri

    CP Gevos in the Storm Light by stlgevo51, on Flickr I'm guessing this was the train you saw. This shot was taken near Centralia that Friday as we were driving home from chasing another train on the line: KCS 1 in the Storm by stlgevo51, on Flickr Back in the Clouds by stlgevo51, on Flickr This...
  4. stlgevo51

    Kansas City Southern through Central Missouri

    The KCS sees two intermodal trains each way per day, the IVNKC and IKCVN "Schneider Flyer" trains. In addition, they also run MVNKC and MKCVN trains a couple of times per week each. The NS St. Louis District sees around 10 trains on average through Mexico.
  5. stlgevo51

    Montpelier Ohio and what I saw

    Good variety of stuff!
  6. stlgevo51

    CSX rail train, NS, I&O runs and GT locos!!!

    Cool catches! Looks like a fun and productive day.
  7. stlgevo51

    Two Months of Photos

    Thanks for the kind words guys! NS 5406 is still kicking in CR blue. In fact, I just saw a bunch of photos of it leading a train in Altoona over the weekend. One of the other three CR blue units has been repainted in the last three months, so it is only a matter of time before 5406 has the same...
  8. stlgevo51

    Two Months of Photos

    I have been busy and haven't had a lot of time as of late to upload, so now that I have some free time I will just share all of my recent stuff at once. The first is from early December when one of only 4 Conrail painted SD50s made its way to St. Louis. I caught it on St. Louis-Wentzville, MO...
  9. stlgevo51

    Chasing the I&O, CFE 3316 G&W paint on its way, RJ Corman

    Cool catch. It's awesome to see three tunnel motors in three paint schemes.
  10. stlgevo51

    NS Heritage on the CNO&TP (Lackawanna & S&A)

    You did well. Lucky for you NS put them on the point. It looks like you were both lucky and good on those chases!
  11. stlgevo51

    My Shadow Was 50 Feet Long

    Looks familiar. I was at Old Monroe shooting this same train meeting a northbound manifest. I, too, had some great light. Nice shot Bill.
  12. stlgevo51

    Recent Stuff

    Thanks guys! Yes, the street running is from La Grange, KY.
  13. stlgevo51

    Recent Stuff

    Next is a morning chase of the Penn Central heritage unit on grain train 54A. The lead unit, NS 8000, is the class unit for NS' ES44ACs, and I caught it back in September trailing the Wabash heritage unit (odd how that works out). Strangely enough, the train hit a semi truck in Mt. Carmel, IL...
  14. stlgevo51

    Recent Stuff

    Hi all, I haven't posted much lately as I have been busy. Since I have a lot of shots not yet posted here I thought I might as well show them now. First up are shots from my trip to Louisville, KY, way back in October. RJ's Cool Display by stlgevo51, on Flickr NKP Heritage Buried in...
  15. stlgevo51

    RJ Corman, NS RP-E4C slug, MAW, NS HH/caboose and CF&E all in a day!

    Nice catches! You really packed them in.
  16. stlgevo51

    A Couple of Odd Ones - 11/25/2012

    Both of those shots are cool, but I really like the first one. Nice shots and catches.
  17. stlgevo51

    Heritage Units, a Canadian Visitor, and the Nebraska Zephyr

    Ns 8098 The final shots are of the NS' Conrail heritage unit on an MOW extra from Saturday. I arrived to late to catch it nose-first, but I guess I'll settle for long hood forward. The train was met by 4 BNSF Grinstein MACs while it waited to get onto the BNSF. I wish I would have went up...
  18. stlgevo51

    Heritage Units, a Canadian Visitor, and the Nebraska Zephyr

    I've been busy lately so I haven't posted here a lot. To catch up I will share some of my catches from the last 30 days. I will first start with Pacific, MO, Railroad Days, featuring UP 1982. The Mopac was in town because the city was being added to the "TrainTown USA" registry. I missed some...
  19. stlgevo51

    Chasing NKP 765 and Two Heritage Units

    A week later, I got an early morning wake up call saying that NS 1070, the Wabash unit, was leading train 111 back through St. Louis from Kansas City. I ran out of the house and met my friend Mark at Mid Rivers to catch it, and then chased it to the Missouri River Bridge. The consist also...
  20. stlgevo51

    Chasing NKP 765 and Two Heritage Units

    On Thursday, September 6th, NKP 765 arrived at the yard in Berkeley, MO, with NS 1070 and NS 1072 (the Wabash and Illinois Terminal heritage units) for a weekend of employee appreciation specials. Each day, the NKP 765 would lead the train 20 miles to St. Charles at 9 am and noon, and the... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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