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    Railways in US

    Welcome, This isn't class I standards but it may help. UP: Technical Specifications for Construction of Industrial Tracks
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    BNSF4449 is leading the outbound Z train departing South Seattle at around 19:00 PDT on April 3rd I believe it's Z SSECHI
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    New Sound Transit (Seattle) Locomotive used with permission
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    New Sound Transit (Seattle) Locomotive

    Oh for a bit of Pullman green and Dulux gold. Or at least a straight line.
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    IRM Nebraska Zephyr Glides across Illinois

    Keith, thank you for sharing here. Excellent choices. That shot near Buda has got me right there. Add a Baggage car and it could almost pass for the Nebraska Zephyr. Despite it’s non-stainlessness, IRM’s Havelock Baggage car would be a great addition to this trainset. Growing up without a...
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    How will UP re-route? Or will they?

    Don’t forget to thank Bob for the hospitality and stop by the gift shop on your way out.
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    The Railroad Press Magazine

    The articles? It's train porn, you don't buy it for the articles.
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    Problems on the BNSF Fallbridge Sub..???

    Pics Yes, there used to be ground underneath. WSDOT
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    Problems on the BNSF Fallbridge Sub..???

    Gus Melonas, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad spokesman in Seattle, said 200 feet of rails were buried in debris. The rain also washed out two, 100-foot sections of track bed under the rails. About 30 workers are at the scene, and Melonas said he expects freight traffic to resume...
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    New Cascades Talgo

    So true. I’ll be out there chasing the last run too. Jon, anyone with eyes is qualified to say it’s a bad design. You can just look at it and know it's not right A trained designer is at least able to understand why. I believe there are certain undeniable truths about mass and proportion...
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    Windmill train in Seattle?

    Glad you caught them. Looks like I missed three chances. Wasn't even in town this week to notice the last cut gone. During the past couple of weeks, mainline traffic was giving a toot as it passed their location at Van Asselt along airport way. Did they have their own security presence there...
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    Windmill train in Seattle?

    I'm still looking at the blade cars at Van Asselt but I believe some of them are missing. Did they move some out last week when I wasn't looking?
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    Windmill train in Seattle?

    As I type this I have eyes on the blade cars at the Van Asselt yard (7000 Airport Way S, Seattle). If they move out during business hours I'll post as soon as I can. If the military tracks clear out for a good view (rare). I'll post that as well. Does anyone have a confirmation that they...
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    Windmill train in Seattle?

    2012-June-4-18:00 PDT - Hasn't left Van Asselt yet
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    Question about late 19th century train travel

    You should look up "Official Guide of the Railways". Multi carrier railway and steam ship line aggregated timetables were being published by that time. The library of congress will have a complete collection. There are also several scanned editions available online from various sources. A...
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    Windmill train in Seattle?

    There's only one. UP Van Asselt yard I'd also like a shot as they move on to pollute the landscape somewhere and would appreciate any intel. 2012-June-1-10:15 PDT - Hasn't left Van Asselt yet
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    Mt Rainier Scenic RR in Tacoma 6/2 and 6/3

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