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  1. trainboyh16-44

    SOO/CP, Flowers, and Mountains

    Just got back from a vacation! Spent a bit of time in the area I'm modeling, and chased the one remaining train for a bit. Here I found some fantastic wildflowers to go with the shot, please enjoy!
  2. trainboyh16-44

    SP 4449 on Marias Pass, GN Hi-line!

    Here's one from nearly 5 years ago.
  3. trainboyh16-44

    Epic cabride video - Kootenay Valley Railway

    Hey all, thought that I'd share this. It's footage of the CP Rail's Kootenay Valley Railway between Trail and Nelson, BC.
  4. trainboyh16-44

    Instagram photos

    I don't have instagram (Or an iPhone) but I am definitely interested. You're giving some good insight into what CN in Calgary is about, and I especially enjoyed the photos from the Drumheller sub.
  5. trainboyh16-44

    CP 2816 in the mountains

    I'm kicking off a new youtube channel that I'm taking more seriously than my spastic uploads of the past, and I thought that a good way to start would be to redo an old favorite. The original video was a lovely windows movie maker creation, but this one has MUCH better sound and quality. Please...
  6. trainboyh16-44

    A day with the E&N (SVI) - Dec 27, 2012

    Either way I'll be traveling it. What are the grades like between Nanaimo and Victoria?
  7. trainboyh16-44

    A day with the E&N (SVI) - Dec 27, 2012

    There's a lot of hope about restoring the line. Bottom line is that about 1 in 5 ties need replacing, and though the federal government's said they'll chip in most of the cost, they haven't yet.
  8. trainboyh16-44

    FEMA DEATH TRAINS and you.

    ...You should only say it to Ham :p
  9. trainboyh16-44

    Abandoned steam locomotive on CPR’s BIG Hill.

    Being over a hundred years old, it's deteriorated noticeably in the past 20 years since those photos were taken. It's still a worthwhile little hike to go on. I've seen a bear nearly every time I've been there!
  10. trainboyh16-44

    FEMA DEATH TRAINS and you.

    This video is bad and you should feel bad.
  11. trainboyh16-44

    Royal Hudson Steam Train remembered

    200-300 per train sounds like a lot...what's the capacity of the trains they ran?
  12. trainboyh16-44

    Snoqualmie Tunnel reopens

    ...You don't say... Thank you for this enlightening piece of information.
  13. trainboyh16-44

    Has technology really made the hobby (and your life) better?

    I can't see how anyone could possibly say that technology has made it worse. Let's be very honest here...who is forcing you to use digital?
  14. trainboyh16-44

    Former CNW E8 now painted SP pulls Dinner Train on CP

    There's something patently strange about seeing an SP E unit in that corner of the country.
  15. trainboyh16-44

    Is it worth using film anymore?

    Not just a roll, enough that they either run out of money or figure out how to use it correctly! It took me more than one roll to appreciate it.
  16. trainboyh16-44

    Is it worth using film anymore?

    Absolutely. Make sure the light meter works properly! Slide film is the hardest to expose correctly. If you like saturated colours, go for fuji Velvia. If you like boring roster shots with faithful, flat colours, go for provia ;)
  17. trainboyh16-44

    KOMO TV4 Seattle Rail Security 11/7 @ 11pm
  18. trainboyh16-44

    How often has this happened to you?

    Pfft, you can't fix the exposure in manual? ;)
  19. trainboyh16-44

    Occupy Portland "Mom" Puts 4-Year Old On Tracks

    Yeah, she's an idiot, but I think people should really shut up about how Occupy protestors should occupy jobs that don't give you a living wage, on unrelated forums. You're missing the entire point of the thing as badly as this stupid, stupid woman.
  20. trainboyh16-44

    platform damage at the Tukwila Station

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