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    Where do covered hopper cars filled with grain go to anyway and what happens to them?

    While grain farmers produce trainloads of grain, some other farmers need trainloads of grain to feed their animals. For instance, California poultry producer Foster Farms goes through enough grain/corn to have their own receiving elevator that handles up to 110 carload trains delivering feed...
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    Why do railroads pull cars not from their own company?

    In some cases, the railroad doesn't want to own the cars that it is transporting. For instance, cars transporting bulk chemicals are typically not owned by any railroad. According to this list, DuPont owns nearly 2100 railcars, which is more than many midsize railroads own...
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    Great Northern RR Thru Nighthawk Washington

    Some related information at this page: Also the sequence of construction events is summarized here, but there aren't specific dates:,3151479 A 2002 Nighthawk depot photo here...
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    What Commodities Could Return To The Rails?

    One could make a case that much of the commodities that "once rode the rails" are riding the rails today, but in containers instead of boxcars. However, much of that traffic is on somewhat different routes than the traditional "manufactured goods" traffic. The package carrier of olde, Railway...
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    Need Contact For NEO Lubricants

    See the link below for an address: NEO's website is here: However, both those links appear to me to be "old", and there isn't much that suggests the company is still in business, at least under that name.
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    Who is the WWR?

    This link does not answer all the questions, but it does provide more info about the Western Washington Railroad: And the railroad has...
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    Why was the Panama RR 5-foot gauge instead of 4' 8-1/2" ?

    There wasn't any gauge widely recognized as "standard gauge" in the USA in 1849 when construction of the Panama Railroad started. You can read about this lack of standards issue here...
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    Does anyone know what this rail line is?

    The Eastern Washington Gateway is primarily a wheat hauler. There is some industrial traffic (particularly steel) on the eastern end to a branch that is called the Geiger spur. Their website: Forum member Bruce Butler is an engineer for the EWG, and may respond if he sees...
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    Would a Laramie, WY railroad vacation rental work?

    You might like to peruse this link for the Okefenokee Cottage in Folkston, GA: It is similar to what you are proposing. Folkston is a popular railfan location, but a tiny town.
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    Western Washigton Shortline and Branchline Operations

    You may be interested in this thread from last fall on the Mount Vernon Terminal:
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    Krauss Maffei ML4000C'C' out for a test run on the Niles Canyon Railway

    The [broken] link provided above should have periods instead of forward slashes after the "http://". Here is a working link:
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    Washington State Point Defiance Bypass a step closer

    Good luck with that plan! The Cities of Auburn and Kent, WA tried that some years ago to prevent increased BN activity over the rebuilt Stampede Pass line. And the effort by both Cities were completely shut down ...
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    Washington State Point Defiance Bypass a step closer

    All right, calling it an Amshack is a little harsh. But it sure as heck isn't going to win any design awards. And in comparison to the nearby [former] Union Station, it does have a strong resemblance to an Amshack! Photo linked from: If you haven't...
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    Washington State Point Defiance Bypass a step closer

    The project website seems clear that all passenger trains will use the new bypass route. If you follow from the project page to the Cascades schedule here: you can see there are 7 daily round trips only when you include the Coast Starlight also shown...
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    "Exempt" Signs...Should They Be Mandatory?

    This is not true for the majority of commercial vehicles! Stopping at railroad tracks only applies to vehicles transporting passengers (buses) and trucks placarded with hazardous materials. The full details of Washington regulations on this are here...
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    Seeking input from those that know: Alexandria VA - Safety Zone

    Perhaps it is simply inconvenient for CSX to have a Quiet Zone in that location, so they make up excuses. If you really want the straight scoop, go around CSX to find the facts. Here is a place to start the Quiet Zone process:
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    Looking for Speeder Club

    Oops, duplicate post ....
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    Looking for Speeder Club

    You might find this link useful:
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    help... bell wrrs big ????

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