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  1. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    Thanks for the kind words! It was a really fun trip to one of my favorite railroad locations.
  2. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    33. Another empty coal train rolls downhill through Austin with a trio of SD70MAC's in the lead. 34. The late evening light casts long shadows as another heavy westbound manifest train struggles uphill at Austin, MT. The lead 2 units can be seen on the right with the set of 4 helpers...
  3. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    29. I love this spot! Another eastbound rolls downhill at Skyline, MT. The middle section of the train is crossing Austin Creek Trestle as the rear DPU is just exiting Mullan Pass tunnel behind the trees on the left. 30. Another favorite spot! After catching the trio of MRL SD45-2s...
  4. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    25. After fixing the broken knuckle they attempted to take out all the slack in the rear of the train. Somehow with a DPU on the rear the process was more complicated and they ended up with another broken knuckle a car away from the first. By this time it was decided to call for another helper...
  5. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    21. A little later the early morning sun shines down on a heavy westbound manifest. A CSX sandwhiched by two BNSF units takes the lead as they grind up the hill. 22. With 99 cars in all, four SD70ACe helpers have been cut in about 2/3 of the way back. Here they cross the Austin Creek...
  6. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    17. The westbound stack (S-DENTAC3-20) finally underway at Austin with a loaned SD70ACe on the point. 18. The same train crossing the Greenhorn Creek Trestle farther up the hill. 19. As the last light fades into night, an eastbound manifest (M-PASLAU1-21) charges through Blossburg...
  7. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    13. After hanging around Helena yard and waiting for some trains things started rolling again in the afternoon. Two new SD70ACe's lead the ML (Missoula-Laurel) as it curves across the Austin Creek Trestle with a short 19 cars. 14. The train now rolls into the siding at Austin to meet an...
  8. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    9. Another view of the M-KCKSPO. The trio of MRL SD45-2s are just about to cross Austin Creek Trestle. 10. The westbound met an eastbound at Blossburg siding and I hurried to the east entrance of Mullan Pass tunnel. Here the H-PASKCK9-21 rolls out and heads down the hill with 99 cars in...
  9. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    5. A final shot of the MRL local as it rolls along the bank of the Flathead River. 6. After staying the night at a campground east of Missoula, I got up early to get out to Jens, MT. There is a barn next to the railroad now made "famous" by the number of really good pictures with early...
  10. westbnsf

    Big Sky and Tiny Trains.....Montana Style

    It has been awhile since I spent some time out photographing trains. With a few days off I decided Montana was calling. Montana....with huge open spaces, steep mountain grades, and big blue skies. It is on trips like this were I love putting away the long lens and shooting lots of wide...
  11. westbnsf

    Northwest Spokane: street industrial tracks history/photos?

    There is a nice aerial view of Spokane here. The link will load with a regular map but if you look up in the top right hand corner you can click on "1958 Aerial". Then you can zoom in with pretty good detail to see all the railroad...
  12. westbnsf

    Montana Rail Link Manifest Trains

    Yes the locals include the Paradise and Bitterroot Valley. The Bitterroot valley branch has struggled over the last several years with lower traffic volumes, washouts, and businesses closing. In fact the line was shut down for 1-2 years after a larger washout. However as of summer of 2013 the...
  13. westbnsf

    Montana Rail Link Manifest Trains

    I am not an expert on current MRL operations, but I haven't seen or heard of a Missoula to Sandpoint/Spokane train. I don't know if they used to run something back before I starting watching trains but they don't currently. The only thing MRL operates going west of Missoula are a couple of...
  14. westbnsf

    question on grain trains in washington

    According to a Facebook report, there are 4-5 trains bound for Seattle now. So grain traffic sounds like it is picking up. It was also noted that there were 7-8 grain trains in the rotation for Tacoma.
  15. westbnsf

    Scrapping EMD SD40-2 Locomotives

    Very interesting, thanks for posting! How long does it take it scrap one of those?
  16. Catenary Wires

    Catenary Wires

    A Black Mesa & Lake Powell train rolls west with a coal train in the late afternoon with several E60's and E60C's on the front. This isolated 78 mile railroad is situated in northern Arizona for the purpose of hauling coal from a mine to a power plant.
  17. Mountain Reflection

    Mountain Reflection

    Two SD40-2s and a SD45-2 lead an eastbound stack train over Marias Pass. The train is descending the hill as it approaches Bison siding on July 16, 2003.
  18. westbnsf

    Comment by 'westbnsf' in media 'UP and gray sky'

    Neither, The train is starting in Spokane and going to Hinkle OR. So this train isn't headed to or from the CP.
  19. westbnsf

    Comment by 'westbnsf' in media 'Curves at Missille Base'

    hemiadda2d, Missile base is a ballast pit that is located 4.3 miles west of Fishtrap siding according to the BNSF timetable. It is served by the Lind Turn which orginates in Spokane, WA and works some of the industries on the east end of the Lakeside sub. There seems to be a car or two...
  20. Curves at Missille Base

    Curves at Missille Base

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