Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 5: Zenica II - Volcano on Wheels (50 p.)

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Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 4: Kakanj III / Zenica I - Barbecue Saturday (50 p.)

The video for this part:

In the evening of April 3 2010 we dined at the restaurant of our hotel, accompanied by - albeit off-tune - piano live music. Afterwards we returned to the mine where we had to wait for minutes at the guarded entrance. Security was tighter here, the atmosphere not as laid back as in Kakanj, probably also due to the steel plant next door. We still had to wait for a bit until the loco would arrive, so we explored the archaic stationary machinery (see video) - simply amazing! Some time later we could finally hear whistling coming from the steam shed, and there it was, the fire spewing dragon 62-633!

The wooden loading tower, nowadays only used for road vehicles, formed the perfect antique backdrop for shunting scenes. You can also spot an old Saurer lorry under the structure.

During shunting sparks were flying.

The loco left a constant trail of burning cinders.

The culmination of volcanic activity.

After the specatacle a posed photo session followed.

It got as late as 11 p.m. - time for bed!

Next morning, April 4, we arrived back to work at 7 a.m.

62-633 was steaming as spectacularly as ever!

Going for water while the sun was rising above the mountains.

"Beware of the train!"

62-633 behind the stabled, but operational 62-650

Taking water was finished after more than half an hour.

Back to service!

A lot of sand was strewn for better traction.

A bombastic performance by the little engine.

Followed by the transfer to the state railway station.

An exact fit of the industrial scenery...

The train was pushed downhill, along the compound of the Mittal steel plant.

A not completely successful version of the sign.

Dogs could be found here as well, but they were not the happy family we had seen in Kakanj.

The factory plate of 62-648.

62-633 was returning with empties from the ZFBH station, 62-003 and -648 to the left.

Time for a shunting orgy, but relieve yourself first...

In the background the orange Saurer truck could be spotted again.

A well-earned break.

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