Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 4: Kakanj III / Zenica I - Barbecue Saturday (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling

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Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 3: Kakanj II - Over Night (50 p.)

We return to the scene in the morning of April 3 2010 at Catici, 62-366 was just hauling the second loaded coal train within an hour from the state railway station to the washery, probably it had to be parted.

Passing the dog mum.

And one of her sons.

Shunting at the unloading facility.

Afterwards the loco had to take water.

An extended lunch break followed in the ever warmer spring weather.

At three in the afternoon the loco was supposed to cross the bridge one more time for us, meanwhile players were warming up for the Saturday afternoon match.

Crossing the Bosna river surrounded by lush spring green and clear blue skies.

The starting whistle had just been blown.

Now it was planned to head for the next destination, Zenica, just a short drive from Kakanj. However, we got news that the engine still was under repair and would not be under steam before nightfall, so we had more time to spare at Kakanj.
Shortly before 4 p.m. another train was leaving the ZFBH station, the fruit trees in bloom were much nicer in sunlight that day, honeybees were also already swarming out.

The connecting line to the mine served as highway for man and animal.

We had to move on, too: next stop was the industrial town Zenica, with 127.000 inhabitants significantly larger than Kakanj. The production levels of the brown coal mine here were very low, so closure could be imminent. As we arrived, a diesel borrowed from the neighbouring steel plant was carrying out shunting operations, the last steamer in reserve would take over the night shift for us. But there was a ray of hope for steam fans: if the mine would live on, they might buy some class 62s stabled in good condition at the steel plant, as this would be cheaper than switching to diesel. To get a permit for a visit to the steel plant just to take a look at a few abandoned locos would be to complicated nowadays, because it had been taken over by Indian company Mittal Steel in 2004.

Orange liveried Arcelor Mittal 732-004 next to the stabled 62-650.

Zenica mine offers a fantastic old industrial backdrop, framed by mountains.

For some railfans taking down numbers is a hobby, for this gentleman it's his job.

After a short confusion we were led to the loco shed and workshop, where 62-633 was expecting us.

She wasn't quite ready for service yet.

Slowly we prepared ourselves for the larger workshops later that trip. But already here, and at the smaller Kakanj running shed, the atmosphere was just out of another era, with an overwhelming orgy of good old handiwork.

The small workshop in the back part of the shed.

He is still watching - or watching again?

The door to the sanctuary was just slightly opened.

Hand over!

The final check.

Alright, old lady, here we go, perhaps for the last time...

Time to fire up.

Time to fire up.

A burnt-out light bulb - literally!

OK, it's not Zhalai Nuer , but quite impressive none the less!

The old chap had to fetch more coal from outside, out of this prehistoric vehicle.

Off to put more coal on the fire.

And the volcano was already spewing a little bit - a pre-taste for the night!

As the firing of the loco would take about four hours, we checked into our hotel in the meantime. During the ride we were promised a concrete bunker from the good old times, but it turned out the 4-star-palace of the town had been booked for us instead, Hotel Zenica. Even if some details were crumbling when observed closely, room size was not bad, and as bonus we had a room with mainline view for the second night in a row:

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