Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 2: Kakanj I - Hadzi, Puppies and the American (50 p.)

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The previous part of the trip report:
Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 1: Arrival (50 p.)

After breakfast on April 2 2010 we took our big, blue bus and went to our first steam location, Kakanj, about an hour drive from Sarajevo. Sadly the exit from Ilidza poses a bottleneck, so we were stuck in traffic jam for a while. But afterwards we could already use a part of the new motorway under construction, that's why in total travel time could be kept. At 8:30 we left the bus at the coal mine and washery Catici, where we were immediately greeted by the star of this day: 62-020, the last WWII loco of its class in operating condition still built in America (Davenport), which had been fired up especially for us and taken over shunting duties in the morning. You could feel it right away, you could smell it in the air that it was real steam, the difference to museum steam is at least 100:1! Whistling happily the rustic engine started for a short shunting maneuvre.

The loco wasn't awaited just by humans, Catici was also home for this sweet dog family! When our guide Bernd Seiler tried to take a picture of them proning on the ground, these two guys attacked the lens licking it and hardly could be restrained...

Back from the short run.

In the familiar atmosphere of Catici there was always a good mood.

There she went.

The steam so close...

One of the main parts of Bosnian operations is the situation meeting, it has to take at least 15 minutes even for the simplest actions. But if something has been decided, you have to be quick on your feet otherwise you miss it, especially with mine shunting (no brake tests).

The loco driver was nicknamed "Hadzi" by the mine workers, with the photographers he advanced to top model. However, he is the only Bosnian I have ever seen wearing the conservative muslim beard.

While the dogs led a happy life, chickens on the other side of the road were not as lucky.

62-020 in front of the loading facility.

Maintenance work on the line towards the state railway station.

Now, the sun came through letting Hadzi und the engine glow.

The deserved Bosnian break for man and animal.

A photo run disturbed the cosiness, posing in front was the proud mum of the dog clan.

The class 62 was steaming out onto the line.

The train could be chased on foot without problem, here the curve leaving the mine.

Then Bosna river is crossed on this bridge, we will see it in the next report parts quite often.

The steamer only went as far as the other side of the river, a view through some residential houses with a supply of dried corn.

On the other side of the street the infamous new red house was situated, where the upper floors had been construction sites for years. We were about to use it as photo spot later. Meanwhile, I artistically avoided it in this picture... ;-)

After the action there was time again to stretch out for a cute little nap!

View towards the town centre from said red house.

Soon afterwards duty was calling, single loco movement to the ZFBH station Kakanj.

Until the return trip there was enough time to pet the probable father of the family, the little one seemed to have no problem playing with himself. In the meantime I already got to talk a little with the workers and became famous as "their Bosnian", news of which seemed to spread through the mine like a wildfire...

After about twenty minutes the loco hauled this heavy loaded train back to the facility, at Catici the coal from other mines is also washed.

To catch the shunting we had to move to the other side of the yard.

Freshly arrived wagons next to an older rake.

In the background to the left you can find the running shed, it was already steaming nicely out of there.

During short breaks I was frequently called to take group photos of the engine crew, which will of course be sent once everything is edited.

Now the loco changed to a mixed rake of old two-axled cars which were only in use on mine property.

It was time to take a quick peek into the shed, where 62-366 (Djuro Djakovic 1953) was heated up.

With a lot of steam hissing the engine left the building.

One of the shed workers I got to know better.

A view into the recreation room, or rather bedroom. After one hour in the morning preparing the engine the people have hardly anything to do, but are equally not allowed to call it a day.

62-366 in front of the shed.

The mainline is running right next to the mine tracks here, a 441 was pulling coal wagons north while 62-020 joined the club.

The engine change was being prepared.

Five minutes behind the freight our favourite came along, B 450 Sarajevo - Beograd, this time with a third coach from ZRS.

With an acrobatic act Hadzi placed a plank between the two engines, as there were two steamers but only one dynamo, which was about to be transferred via the plank.

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