Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 13: Photo Freight - 33-504 on the State Railway (50 p.)

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Steam in Bosnia 2010 - 12: Bukinje - 33-504 regular steam (50 p.)

The video for this part:

In the morning of April 8 2010 we departed early by bus from our hotel at Lake Modrac, our destination was Bosanska Bijela, about an one hour busride to the north situated along the line from Tuzla region to Brcko and Croatia.

Eating our packed breakfast we waited a little chilly at Bosanska Bijela station for the photo freight transfer train to arrive. No mobile phone contact could be made with the steam loco crew during driving, but they were approaching, faint whistling sounded across the countryside from the distance.

At 7 o'clock, punctually for the first sunrays, 33-504 (former German 52 793) arrived with its photo train.

Following a welcome by the local station master the loco was intensively cared for in best morning sunlight mood.

33-504 was pulled away a few metres from the rake.

At 7:30 a.m. maintenance was finished and shunting began. First, the covered two-axled freight wagon, our ride to be, had to be transferred to the other end of the train.

At 8 a.m. finally the first photo run entering the station was conducted.

We followed the tracks to the home signal, at the same time the northernmost spot on the line we would reach that day.

33-504 had to work hard negotiating a significant grade.

We returned to the station and boarded our freight car. After almost an hourlong bumpy ride in the darkness we had reached a village with the melodious name Spionica.

Entering the station in spotlight.

A second run in full lighting.

We turned our attention to the pretty main station building, a few elderly residents of Spionica had gathered here.

Crossing the line is forbidden! ;-)

The old "baka" did not care, bullet holes scattered across the wall of the goods shed were reminders of more dangerous times.

Stopping at the station.

Orchard view from the neighbouring hill.

A few departure photo runs followed, here some perspectives:

The unmowed meadow in the foreground did not turn out to be as peaceful as it looked, a farmer had previously staked out some spots of possible landmines using branches stuck into the ground. However, it looked like it had been done years ago, so the current state was uncertain.

33-504 panning shot.

I entered the signalbox, view towards the station.

The reason why we had to wait: ZFBH original GM 661-306 crossed our train going north. Three pairs of passenger trains should also run here that day, but I didn't manage to spot any of them.

Now, the line was clear!

Voilà: class 33 in full frame with surround sound thundering past your room - you don't need a cinema anymore after that!

We boarded the train and had a short ride...

... to the southern distant home signal.

Around noon we arrived at Duboki Potok ("Deep Creek") station, school had just ended.

A class 33 encounter on the way home from school.

The little ones soon pulled out their digital cameras or mobile phones to document the event.

We changed to the bus for a little bit and entered the deeply cut Tinja river gorge. With few of the colleagues I wanted to avoid the giant quarry at the entrance to the valley and followed the tracks for a while. 33-504 soon steamed past us through beautiful landscape with natural rock faces and sheep herds.

After Tinja station the line rose along the valley side, near a tunnel portal we waited for the train.

A lovely spot with typical Bosnian haystacks.

In the background Tinja gorge and the quarry can be seen.

We boarded the freight car again and rode to a road bridge from which these photos were taken:

After another hour of bumpy trainride we had reached a well known domain. Bosanska Poljana junction, also home station for several freight cars we saw, was situated right next to the power plant near Bukinje. Four lines branch out from here, apart from the one we had just taken the line east to Tuzla, west towards Lukavac and Doboj and south to Banovici. 661-306 (digitally turned into a heritage loco ;-) ) had caught up in the meantime pulling a few tank cars towards Lukavac, while we were about to take the southern route up to Zivinice.

Arrival at Zivinice, the end of our journey hauled by class 33, from here a class 62 should take over to Djurdjevik mine. However, we had to wait for the loco...

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